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Dear GetWell Friends and ALGAEFIED Health Seekers!

As these Peak Algae Experiences from "Algae Eaters like You" have testified, shared, reported, and exclaimed if you find the amount of Algae to eat that gets your attention, your life may just get better & better! To speak figuratively for the moment, it's as if the ALGAE fills in the gaps in our nutrient-deficient foodplans. It's as if the ALGAE helps fill up the holes in our nutrient-starved bodies. It's as if the ALGAE smooths out the wrinkles in our nutrient-demanding lifestyles until, one day, we wake up and something about our minds, emotions, bodies, and/or spirits is noticeably, remarkably, noteworthily... better & better! That is why... we must experiment with the amounts of ALGAE we eat and why we must welcome the coaching we get from our well-trained Sponsors. It's as if you have been handed An Algean's Lamp. Initially, you are given 3 wishes what 3 things in your health would you like to see improve? Try eating an amount of ALGAE that gets your attention. And like the Happy Algae Eaters in all of GetWell's collection of Peak Algae Experiences, you may find 1 or more of these wishes fulfilled within weeks and you may find other wishes yet unmade by you and even unbeknownst to you and below your full awareness also fulfilled!

ALGAEFIED FRIENDS, isn't it exciting? I do want to make it perfectly clear, however, that it is the conscientious application of all 10 of The Energy Enhancers in your life that rewards you with Superlative Health. These are developed fully in The Health Seekers YearBook and Common Health Sense. The addition of Super Blue Green Algae is just one adjunct to just one of these 10 Energy Enhancers. But it is a crucial adjunct, as all of these Peak Algae Experiences attest. These case histories are all reported by GetWell Friends I have known for years! I have no reason to think that these Health Seekers and Friends are making up these stories and reporting them to me in a conspiracy to promote Cell Tech! I have no reason to believe that a placebo has swept across America and brainwashed my Friends into believing they are having wonderful experiences when they are, indeed, not. I have no reason to believe the animals are likewise placeboed, brainwashed, or swept away, either! The fact is that when I began making Super Blue Green Algae available to my GetWell Friends, I did not expect the commonly reported benefits to be nearly as swift, phenomenal, or gratifying as they have been! I am awed! I am grateful for your courage in deciding to experiment with this nutrient-dense, wild, organic food, along with me in order to find out for yourselves. In closing, I urge you to pay attention to all The 10 Energy Enhancers this is the only way to reward yourselves with Superlative Health and Hygiene Joy! And I beg you, for the sake of other Health Seekers with whom I may share this information, to jot down your Peak Algae Experiences and send them to me just as soon as you find the right amount of Algae to eat that gets your attention! Love, Love, Love, Victoria

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