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Rev. Kenny in Louisville · Kentucky in April · 1997

Dear Friends in The Lord

Just a few months ago, my doctor told me that I was a prime candidate for death-threatening problems with my cardio-vascular system and my blood sugar levels. I sat in the doctor's office on that cold table with the sanitary paper under me and knew what he told me was a fact. I might just as well have been in the morgue's drawer on that cold slab with the sanitary sheet over me! And the doctor offered little hope and just prescribed: "Lay off the salt and get the weight off and see me in six months." Well, Dear Friends in Our Lord, I am contacting you today because my cup runneth over with a merry heart that has just been taking God's good medicine! I am "A Walking Miracle" and "A Testimony to God's Great Plan for Getting Well and Staying Well!" And I am excited to share this Good News with you today! Mark this day on your calendar! For if you are to share in "The Miracle" with me, you will long remember and rejoice upon this day! Let me tell you more...

At age 50, I was suffering! My doctor's report: "I weighed 388 pounds. My blood pressure was 200/88. My pulse was 83. My cholesterol was 220 and rising. My triglycerides were 103." I suffered with frequent nosebleeds, blood lacking in normal amounts of iron, sinus troubles, pain in one foot, soreness where my bones connected all over, trouble breathing while just sitting at rest, needing to urinate too often, very poor sleep patterns, and no energy. I had become lethargic. I suffered with sinus colds, pain in my head, and emotional swings. Worst of all, as God's Servant called upon to inspire others, I suffered with feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, embarrassment, hopelessness, and a pessimistic attitude. Somehow, slowly, insidiously, life had turned miserable with no hope in sight.

In June of 1996, while on vacation in South Dakota, the miracle moment happened that began to change my life forever. I was genuinely humiliated with myself after a man older than I had to climb Bear Butte Mountain with my 10 year old son to pray because I was physically unable to go up with him. God spoke to my heart that day and asked: "What are you doing to your family? Why are you robbing your son of a Father and your wife of a Husband and me of a Servant?" I truly wanted to see my son graduate from high school and college and have his own children. I didn't want to leave my wife without a Companion and Support. But I was so tired... tired of diets... tired of struggling... tired of fighting... tired of misery... tired of life. I remember praying in that valley in South Dakota and telling God that I was not going through another diet program again and that if I were going to make it through this dark valley, it would be because He would show me the way. I could no longer do it alone.

Enter Dr. Ray Coleman. He ran The Christian Health and Lifestyle Center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Dr. C. was not a medical doctor but a Ph.D. in biochemistry and a nutritionist and Natural Hygienist. That was October 25th, 1996. What a difference was this Hero in my life and in the life of everyone in my family! After learning what to do to enhance the energy in my body and in my living habits and after learning how to add to my diet the missing Miracle Manna called "Super Blue Green Algae," I submitted my life and healthful living practices to Dr. Coleman's Natural Hygiene teachings and to Super Blue Green Algae and to God. I am now on my way to reaching Superlative Health! And my search has introduced me to Victoria BidWell. Could I have accomplished any of this without the Blue Green Algae? Perhaps, but I know I would not have had the results as dramatically or as quickly! I would not have had the energy levels climb as they have! And I would not be as healthy as I presently am. Still, I truly give God all The Glory for showing me the way to my spiritual health, to my mental and emotional health, and to my physical health! It is now my duty to you as your Servant to share this Modern Day Manna with you! See next Page for a summary of the results!!!

God Bless, Pastor Kenny!

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