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Rev. Kenny's Miracle · From October 25th, 1996, to March 27th, 1997

Below events very precipitated by Hygiene and possibly by Blue Green:

1... Weight dropped from 388 to 263

2... Lost 47 pounds the first 16 weeks

3... Cholesterol dropped from 220 to 150

4... Blood Pressure down: 200/88 to 120/60

5... Dandruff completely gone

6... Some grey in hair actually disappearing

7... Discontinued use of diuretics

8... Pains in all joints completely gone

9...Steering wheel of car now clears the belly

10... Night vision restored

11... Pulse rate dropped from 83 to 60

12... Have stopped nervous eating habits

13... 14 inches gone around the waist

14... No longer need a seat-belt extension in car or plane

15... Able to wear clothes and shoes kept in storage for years

16...Chronic sinus drainage and blockage situation vastly improved

17... Can now "fit into" many places could not fit into before

18... Free of frequent nosebleeds

19... Headaches gone

Rev. Kenny's Miracle · From October 25th, 1996 to March 27th, 1997

Below events Cell Tech Approved as directly attributable to The Algae:

20... Bowel movements now easy and regular, especially with Enzymes & Probiotics

21... Body odor all but gone

22... Lower dry cleaning bill and sweeter laundry

23... Bad breath situation all but gone

24... Voracious cravings for SAD food greatly diminished

25... Hair lackluster gone: hair now shiny

26... Fingernails and toe nails healthy no longer brittle

27... Facial complexion healthier and smoother

28... Inordinately frequent urination situation greatly improved

29... Higher energy levels and greater stamina

30... Able to walk 2 miles a day in 30 minutes per walk (I was nearly crippled before!)

31... Have developed an exceedingly positive attitude and outlook!

32... Concentration and clear-mindedness improved

33... Self-confidence now soaring!

34... Sleep patterns returned to normal with no waking up throughout the night

35... Can taste foods again without demanding salt and sugar and condiments and spices

36... Breathing deeper and clearer

37...Relationship with son more loving and full of healthy pride in each other!

38...Everyday life with sweetheart-wide more FUN!

39...Communication with God more direct and powerful!

40...Fellowship with congregation richer, filled with more joy, respect, and service!

"With each day of Hygiene and Blue Green, my quality of life improves and 'God's Love more abundunt' presents itself!"


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