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New Peak Algae Experiences from NonHygienists in The GetWell Family!

Four hundred GetWell Friends and Hygienists have enrolled in Super Blue Green Algae. These 400 have enrolled another 1,000 in The Algae, most of whom do not have a YearBook or Common Health Sense and who are not dedicated Hygienists, like us. Nevertheless, the benefits these NonHygienists have reported are gratifying to A Health Revolutionist! Here are a few...

BEFORE ALGAE: Jeannie had severe health challenges before she was introduced to Super Blue Green Algae. She fought bouts of depression and was taking the most modern panacean drug for these complaints on a consistent basis before The Algae. She also battled chronic fatigue and lost more often than won, being left with little energy and motivation to get out of bed. To make matters worse, her bouts with inflamed nerves and aching muscles made movement painful.

AFTER ALGAE: Jeannie started with "The Best Start" The E.A.T. Kit and a product I have never mentioned to GetWell Friends: "Super Sprouts & Algae." Jeannie experienced some cleansing and discomfort. Then, in time lo and behold she started to feel...

"WONDERFUL!" Her pain and depression rapidly diminished (relatively speaking). And she found the motivation to stick with a weight-loss program (due to her improved outlook) and was delighted to go down 2 pants sizes in the process. Jeannie gratefully told her Sponsor that she is "A Happy Algae Eater for Life" and that she thanks God everyday that she was led to The Algae.

BEFORE ALGAE: Another NonHygienist in The GetWell DownLine complained of dramatic-enough up and down mood swings to be classified by a doctor with a disorder.

AFTER ALGAE: Edward noticed within a few days that he was sleeping better and that his moods were leveling out.

BEFORE ALGAE: Jean craved sweets and could seldom resist the temptation to binge on them.

AFTER ALGAE: Within just a few days,



Jean noticed the cravings for sweets lessening. With 2 months of being an Algae Eater, she is now free of the cravings and making more healthy choices. Plus, the increased energy levels she is enjoying allows her to be more active, which results in an increased metabolism that is better able to burn off any excess calories she is storing or consuming! Jean plans to continue as "A Happy Algae Eater" until the pond dries up!

BEFORE ALGAE: Leanne endured headaches and problems getting a good night's sleep. She craved sweets, which made her days difficult emotionally. Her days were also often moody.

AFTER ALGAE: Since starting on The Algae in May of 1996, Leanne's headaches, sleep-disturbed nights, and sweets' cravings are gone. Where did they all go? Since the addition of The Algae is the only hugely significant change in her lifestyle, it can be speculated that they were dispelled when dietary

deficiencies were eliminated by the nutritional richness of The Algae. Leanne has since become an Executive, having sponsored 20 Algae Eaters under her. This position allows her to purchase her own Algae at a 25% discount, and she receives a modest commission from the purchases of her Happy Algae Eaters.

BEFORE ALGAE: Sharon would feel a decided need for a glass of wine many an evening to relax. She was also decidedly moody. And she slept poorly and took a long time into the morning to wake up and feel alert.

AFTER ALGAE: Sharon has dropped her "wine nearly every evening" habit. She is less moody and more relaxed. She sleeps better and wakes up quicker. Next Page

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