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New Peak Algae Experiences from NonHygienists in The GetWell Family!

Four hundred GetWell Friends and Hygienists have enrolled in Super Blue Green Algae. These 400 have enrolled another 1,000 in The Algae, most of whom do not have a YearBook or Common Health Sense and who are not dedicated Hygienists, like us. Nevertheless, the benefits these NonHygienists have reported are gratifying to A Health Revolutionist! Here are a few...

BEFORE ALGAE: Cheryl experienced the most common denominator of all beginning Algae Eaters: low energy. But she also complained of a blurry spot on her left eye that interfered with her vision. Her doctor was unable to diagnose its cause and, consequently, was at a loss to treat it.

AFTER ALGAE: Cheryl is A Happy Algae Eater! Her energy is good. And the mysterious and interfering blurry spot on her eye is gone.

BEFORE ALGAE: Mikka, too, experienced the most common denominator of NonAlgae Eaters: she felt tired. She is a massage therapist, so energy is in high demand in her daily work.

AFTER ALGAE: Mikka exclaims: "The

nutrition in The Algae cannot be beat! Besides more energy, I have lost weight and toned up after eating The Algae!"

BEFORE ALGAE: According to Dan's wife, he was always exhausted after work and didn't ever feel like doing a thing.

AFTER ALGAE: According to Dan's wife, after 4 days on The Algae, Dan came home from work with new-found energy! On that delightful 4th day, Dan came home and performed the following feats: mowed the front yard, mowed the back yard, and moved in and

rearranged all the furniture that had been piled up for days in the garage prior to the installation of a new carpet, furniture that had been waiting for Dan to get inspired!

BEFORE ALGAE: Today Howard is 58. In 1957, Howard had sustained a severe sprain to his ankle during a football game. His doctor administered a shot of cortisone into the ankle so that the game could go to the finish. From then, up until starting The Algae, Howard experienced ongoing, intermittent pain and discomfort, as the football injury haunted him.

AFTER ALGAE: Howard began eating The Algae in November of '95. Shortly thereafter, he relived the original injury. Doctors even have a name for this: they call it "retracing." The ankle swelled, hurt, got black and blue around the site of the cortisone injection. And then, during the next few

days, the ankle got well! Howard now feels no haunting discomfort and pain! (Victoria's Note: In Hygienic terms, it is speculated that Howard's body was low in Nerve Energy and toxic: his diet was very possibly deficient, as well. By adding The Algae to his diet, Howard's body was receiving an improvement in The Conditions for Health which resulted in increased Nerve Energy and increased nutrition, both. His body was, at long last, able to GetWell as experienced by his retracing testimony.)

BEFORE ALGAE: Toddler Josiah had suffered with an inflamed rash on the backs of his legs since birth.

AFTER ALGAE: Josiah's mommy fed him The Algae for only a few days. And she noticed that the rash-since-birth was completely gone! What a rejoicing they all had!

BEFORE ALGAE: Debbie was descending into burn-out: she was tired physically. And she was teetering on the edge of depression: she found little to get excited about.

AFTER ALGAE: After only a few days eating The Algae, Debbie's teenage son asked her: "Mom, are you on something?" Then he accused her: "You act like you're high! I've never seen you so full of energy!" Debbie reports feeling renewed strength and energy, feeling both more calm and more excitement to take on new projects than she had known in years!

BEFORE ALGAE: Blood tests on Adria over the years revealed repeatedly a low iron

situation. She seldom felt lively, full of energy. But after her first baby, she had little strength left for anything. In fact, she was having trouble digesting even a simple fruit meal.

AFTER ALGAE: Adria started on The E.A.T. Kit: Alpha, Omega, Enzymes, and Acidophilus. It takes a few days to work up to using all of these products. And, after just 1 day on all 4 of the products, she was able to digest food far in improvement to the "BEFORE ALGAE" days. She reported: "I feel like life is coming back into my body again!"

BEFORE ALGAE: Bob sells insurance. He lives in a sunny spot in Texas infamously referred to as "Allergy Alley," thanks to the cedar trees and all the pollen they routinely release. Besides the allergies, Bob suffered with pain in his wrists, arms and shoulders for years. He had tried just about every kind of vitamin and mineral supplement and proclaimed panacea out there and had never received deliverance from his complaints -- until trying Super Blue Green Algae.

AFTER ALGAE: With only 8 weeks on the 4 primary Cell Tech products of Alpha, Omega, Enzmes, and Probiotics, Bob is better! Bob calls the Algae "AWESOME". He feels the joint flexibility returning and the pains departing. The sneeezing and sniffling and weeping, red eyes from cedar pollen are, likewise, gone. He has been delivered from his complaints and now sells a new form of insurance at his shop: Super Blue Green Algae.



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