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Hi, Victoria! I just thought you might appreciate this update. Well, I lasted about 2 - 3 weeks without eating The Algae. I had read many positive and negative articles about The Algae; and, well, I was doubting it! And it bothered me that Dr. Vetrano, of whom I think very highly, has been absent from your Blue Green. But the bottom line is that I just don't feel as good without it! I don't feel stimulated when I am eating The Algae. I just feel naturally better. So I am backing doing 1 & 1/2 grams a day, because I think it is most important to listen to my own body! Best Regards, Lisa.

Dear Victoria Recently, I made A New Algae Friend also named "Tom." On hearing that I was giving Nutritional Counseling, Tom told me of his problem and asked me for advise. It seems that 5 years ago, Tom had a severe case of mono. Ever since then, he has not been able to eat any fresh fruit, raw vegetables, or uncooked salads without his throat closing down and his gums swelling up. Tom has always felt that these raw foods were important to include in his diet, so he visited several doctors in an effort to get over this problem. He had neither luck nor success. By the time he got to me, he had quite a collection of pills he was taking; but still, he could not eat any raw foods without severe reactions. I explained to Tom that I had some knowledge about such things and that we could work together to overcome this problem; but in the meantime, I suggested that he try some of this Super Blue Green Algae. Well, I started Tom on a slow version of The E.A.T. Kit; and he called me 3 weeks later to tell me that he ate an apple with almost no reaction! He was ASTONISHED and ELATED! I encouraged him to keep experimenting and to stay with The Algae. He just called me yesterday to tell me that he had eaten an apple, a pear, and a banana all in one sitting with no adverse reactions and with great pleasure! This was in the 4th week of eating The Algae. And we have hardly yet begun to work with the real nitty-gritty of Natural Hygiene! Tom Fields

Another Tom Fields Story: Tom tells me of a friend who as a child swallowed a chunk of dry ice, just for fun, the kind of things kids have been known to do. This friend has suffered with inflamed and irritating throat tissue all his life until he started on Super Blue Green Algae. He now reports "a normal-feeling throat!"

Dear Victoria, I am giving you a report on the benefits from eating The Algae. I started eating The Algae in March of 1996, due to your fine salesmanship and the intuitive feeling that I was coming upon a very good thing. At the time I started with The Algae, I was already eliminating toxic metals and was feeling pretty yucky as a result. After some time, I started feeling a lot better almost more energy than I had ever felt before! I also found my weight had returned to where it had been when I was in my twenties. I had suffered with wisdom teeth trying to come in and swollen gums for years. A short time after being on The Algae, they bled profusely; and I did not have extractions, despite the advice of my dentist. Now, I have healthy, functional gums and wisdom teeth. I have also had some cleansing through my skin. And my mental attitude is better despite a difficult situation with neighbors. The benefits I have received on Super Blue Green Algae are definitely worth the cost of the products! I just consider the cost part of my grocery bill. Nancy

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