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Dear Victoria, I have been consuming Super Blue Green Algae for a year now, and I feel great! I have taken supplements before, like Green Leaves of Barley, and minerals, as I have osteoporosis in my spine. But I am confident that SBGA is complete and that it gives me what I don't get from the foods I can get. I believe in The Natural Hygiene Diet; but I have trouble sticking to it, as it is a difficult thing when others in my household are not with me. But I try to eat wisely, and not fuss. So that's where SBGA helps me out. I have not been sick in ages. My eyesight is very good just reading glasses, and not always, as I read your whole newsletters without them. My skin is good for my age and also my hair. I do have back pain but am hopeful that it will abate some day. I live on a farm and have a garden. In winter, we use vegetables I have frozen and keep raw carrots til they're all eaten then dig those we left in over winter under the snow. I dehydrate some apples, tomatoes, cherries, and buy good produce so we do eat "technicolor foods" a lot. I don't bake cookies anymore, but bake whole wheat bread from our own wheat that I grind and grind some flax and hulled barley for it, too. I am anxious to try the new "Super CQ10." I liked the former CQ10. It helped my heart beat with regularity. I find that my perspiration odor is gone. I don't use deodorants anymore. Love, Arda in North Dakota.

Dear Victoria, I began the Cell Tech Program almost a year ago in October, 1996. I had no special "Experience" with The Algae, Probiotics, and Enzymes and had nothing really to report, or so I thought. However, I believed The Algae was an extraordinary, natural food. And so I continued with it as a food source since most of the plants sold in my market place are contaminated or deficient or "engineered" in one way or the other. Organically grown foods can be found, but not consistently, and not in the amounts necessary for a desired daily supply of nutrients. Today, almost a year later, it bothered me that I still had nothing dramatic to report, until a "light went on" when I reviewed the last 10 months! In that time, I removed, scraped, and sanded the old, outside finish on our cedar log home, and restained our 1650 foot home... up and down on a ladder every day the weather allowed. I also painted the trim and all the doors and pruned and pulled weeds as I moved along. Then I stained 3 decks, painted the rails, and put a coat of paint on the garage. This spring, I spent 3 weeks pruning and raking in the yard after an ice storm and humungous amount of snow left a half-acre yard with an incredible amount of debris which all had to be hauled away in the truck. After that, my 4 grandchildren visited for 10 days. That is always strenuous, no matter how delightful it is to have them here. So, as I sit here (finally!) ruminating on the past year and what I accomplished, I wonder, "Could it have been The Algae? Quietly working within my cellular structure, feeding and nurturing my mind and body as I met the hard demands of each day?" I knew the answer was "YES!" I am 74 years old and "STILL GOING!" So I thank God for all the wonderful, awake people who work to get "The Message" out that you do not have to be old and sick as your years pass. And as to that exhilarating high reported by some that I've never experienced from The Algae? I don't need it. The proof is in the eating, and this is uplifting enough for me. Lorraine in Idaho.

Victoria, I have been eating The Algae for only 83 days and even though I am 75 years old and in poor health, so many good changes have taken place in my frail body and senile mind, that I plan to stay with The Algae Program for the rest of my life. The following is a list of some of the improvements: My legs feel lighter. My stiff knees are more flexible. My ankle and foot are less swollen. My memory is improving, and I experience confusion much less often. I am no longer dizzy when arising from a resting position. The bottoms of my feet are no longer sore when I walk. Hemorrhoids have disappeared. My hearing has definitely improved. My back is less stiff and sore, and I can now bend over more easily. I have improved circulation; I am not as cold-natured as I was before Algae. I have improved digestion, much less gas, sometimes none at all. I have increased energy. Thank you, Dearie Victoria, for telling me about the Algae over and over again until I decided to try it. Virginia in North Caroline.


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