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Super Blue Green® Algae Enzymes & Probiotics For Some, "A Necessary Transition" until We Live in... "The Best of All Possible Worlds"

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602


far removed from The Hygiene Joy Way. This Sufferer turned Health Seeker needs to go back to The 10 Energy Enhancers especially Adequate Rest and Sleep. This Health Seeker needs to get the lights glowing brightly in the body home once again so that secretion, digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination are getting their fair share of electric current! The Health Seeker needs, in short, to remove The Causes of Disease in the lifestyle and to provide The Conditions for Superlative Health! Employment of The Full Algaefication Process during this restoration period Enzymes and all will compensate for the "checked digestive secretions" and conserve Nerve Energy at the same time. Continuation of The Full Algaefication Process after this restoration period will assure a good measure of nutritional insurance as time marches on! NOTE: ["Full Algaefication" = (Alpha + Omega) + (Enzymes + Probiotics, as needed.)]

The SAD State of Our Food Supply

Current farming practices, coupled with post-harvest methods of prolonging produce shelf-life, and the commercial processing and homefront cooking are definitely cutting into if not completely destroying the living enzymes in our food supply. (Even if we are eating the food raw, if it has been irradiated, the enzymes are destroyed entirely!) I have even heard several dedicated Raw Food Enthusiasts state that the enzymes once present in our plant foods are in just as short of a supply as are the minerals, due to the depleted condition of commercial soils. Agri-scientists have claimed that the amino acids necessary for enzyme production are being used up by the plants for other functions more immediately necessary for their survival. This is a scary thought. Regardless of these statements and claims, there is no doubt that using plant enzymes when eating cooked or otherwise processed food will definitely enhance our quest for Superlative Health.

Cell Tech offers a revealing booklet on enzymes put together by Victoras Kulvinskas. It is called "Don't Dine without Enzymes." GetWell also offers the most definitive statement on the subject: Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Howell. Health Seekers! Wake up to the importance of enzymes while there is still time! Unless you are eating all organic foods in their raw and natural state and grown on some other planet, Cell Tech's Enzymes will serve you well!

Enzymes must be present during the metabolism of all complex foods. Period. End of sentence. Enzymes are destroyed during cooking. Period. Now, if enzymes must be present to break down foods, and some of the foods we eat have no functionally intact enzymes present, we obviously need to add Enzymes to balance the deficit. It is that simple.

The addition of enzymes to a meal containing cooked or otherwise processed foods eases the digestion greatly. By allowing the body to use Cell Tech's food Enzymes, as opposed to using vital stores of body-fabricated enzymes, Nerve Energy is saved. Nerve Energy that can be used for detoxification, for repair, for rejuvenation... and for LOVE.

For those of you already benefiting from Cell Tech's plant-based Enzymes, I urge you to do yourselves a favor


absorb this "Enzymes: 101" primer and expand your thinking about how to use them! It has been traditionally handed down that we should only ingest them before a meal. At least 2 highly knowledgeable enzyme researchers, however, have indicated that enzymes benefit us when ingested during and after a meal, as well. Experience has borne this out for myself and many other Happy Algae Eaters. So, next time you eat a heavy meal and thereafter feel like you just swallowed a massive, lead doorknob, stir 2 or 3 Enzymes (5 or 6, if you really ate a load) into a quarter to a half a glass of water, and partake of this Enzymic Blue Green Cocktail. You may very well be amazed at how much easier and more quickly that meal moves through you! "AMAZED!"

I'm not saying to take this "Enzymes: 101" information as an open invitation to eat less Ideal Food or to eat less than Ideal Food in larger amounts. I am just saying: "Save your Nerve Energy and extra wear and tear on your body when you do venture off The Hygiene Joy Way!"

Enzymic Prescription for Use of Cell Tech's Enzymes

#1. Enzymes are not necessary when the meal is all raw, either raw fruit or raw vegetables.

#2. Enzymes are recommended for a raw meal which includes a sizable portion of nuts or seeds.

#3. Enzymes are mandatory for optimal digestion when the meal has any cooked or otherwise processed food.



Seldom if ever do we imagine ourselves, especially our bowels, as the home for hundreds of different species of living organisms, countless in number! Nevertheless, the fact is that more than 400 bacterial species breed, dwell, and die in our gastro-intestinal tract at any given moment! We host whole worlds within our bodies, teaming with life! Biologists estimate that the countless billions of bacteria that live in the human G-I tract weigh some 3 & 1/2 pounds! Imagine! Whole colonies of creatures are eating, metabolizing, eliminating, multiplying and whatever else they do down there for entertainment all day and all night long! Each has a life! And the quality of their lives depends upon the kind of home we provide for them. Is this home we host healthy or harmful to each individual species? Those lives are led so as to be relatively innocuous to us or to assist us or to do us harm, depending on the kind of home our body ecology provides!

Our bowel situation so imagined, can be likened to our Planet Earth, which provides the home for thousands of species and countless numbers of creatures. The Earth provides the home just how hostile or friendly a home depends on the integrity of "Our Mother Earth" systems: air quality, fresh water, salt water, ozone condition, prevailing temperature, weather conditions, earth composition, detoxification pathways available, waste removal options, floral and fauna balance, and so on. Likewise, the human body provides the home for thousands of species and countless


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