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Super Blue Green® Algae Enzymes & Probiotics For Some, "A Necessary Transition" until We Live in... "The Best of All Possible Worlds"

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602


numbers of creatures. The body provides the home just how hostile or friendly a home depends on the integrity of its systems: nervous, cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal, skin, reproductive, immune, eliminative, and gastro-intestinal. In both instances, a polluted Planet Earth or a polluted body ecology with poor nutrition and poor waste removal and stressed out by being out of balance results in poor planetary and bodily health, respectively. And in such instances of poor health, the unfriendly bacteria always thrive and push out many colonies of friendly bacteria. Now, we get right down to images of rot and filth and stench and parasites and worst case scenarios of the classic, near-death struggle for existence. UGH! Let's move forward, instead. Let us contemplate The Cell Tech Solution and imagine how to create a friendly body ecology and Superlative Health!

Basic Probiotics: 101

"Pro" means "for." "Bio" means "life." "Probiotics," therefore, refers to a "for life" system. Probiotic nutrition informally began when the first human partook of fermented milk, teeming with bio-friendly bacteria. Presently, "probiotics" refers to "the science of keeping the bodily intestinal system populated with the friendly bacteria necessary for health." This science is fast gaining in popularity as research and personal experience substantiate the benefits of and need for such assistance in the re-population of the small intestines with friendly flora.

"Probiotics" is formally defined as "the introduction of micro-organisms friendly bacteria which contribute to the health and balance of the intestinal tract, thus improving all systems of the body indirectly by improving the functional ease and efficiency of the digestive and eliminative systems directly." (An opposite term, "antibiotics" herein refers to the unfriendly bacteria which are pathogenic or 'disease-producing' in nature.) The term "Probiotics" with a capital "P" herein refers to "the actual, live, beneficial Cell Tech preparations and products that are introduced into the body to colonize the intestinal tract." The Cell Tech products are named simply: "Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Spectrabiotic." These products are more and more common in Algaefied Homes across America all the time! Why? Because the viable, friendly bacteria they contain work so very well once introduced into the body ecology.

We must have "friendly bacteria" of the right kind and quantity in our digestive tract for Superlative Health. To review, proper digestion of food in the stomach and proper absorption of the chyme broken into nutrients through the villae of the small intestines can only occur when the friendly bacterial population is right. Proper assimilation of nutrients from the blood stream and into the cells and proper elimination of waste through the various eliminative pathways of the body can only take place after the digestion and absorption are properly conducted. Anything short of this propriety leaves us short of Superlative Health sometimes by a very long shot.

In the beginning, we acquire these friendly bacteria as new-born babies when we first drink our mother's milk. These initial servings of mother's milk are called "colostrum," and they are rich in all the intestinal bacteria needed

for health at its best. The friendly bacteria also come along, in a limited supply, on most natural foods in their completely natural state. Unfortunately, most Americans seldom eat "natural foods in their completely natural state" more than a few times a week, if that often! For these must be whole, raw, plant foods which have been in no way adulterated with chemicals or subjected to cooking or to any other form of heat-processing procedures, such as boiling, baking, micro-waving, pressure cooking, frying, and so on.

For most people in America today, these friendly bacteria, therefore, are indeed hard to come by. Not only are "the good guy bacteria" hard to come by, their presence is even further threatened due to the fact that they are killed off by an endless, toxic barrage of procedures and Energy Robbing habits in the daily routine that characterizes "the good life" in America today! These procedures and practices include the following: use of anti-biotic medications and virtually all across-the-desk, over-the-counter or under-the-counter drugs; chlorination, fluoridation, or other chemicalization of drinking water and the water supply in general; subjection to radiation and electromagnetic fields; chemical use in the growing, preparation, and consumption of foods; consumption of unnatural food and drink, even when not subjected to chemicals; moments of Emotional unBalance that result in physical stress; all environmental pollution, in the home and at work or play. This list is just another rendition of "Sources of Toxemia" from page 12 of The Health Seekers' YearBook and "The Energy Robbers" on page 17. This list just reminds us that when we are living out of harmony with nature and our God-given design, our body ecology suffers in every system!

The gastro-intestinal system, in particular, suffers first; and it suffers tremendously, as it no longer holds fortresses of friendly bacteria in sufficient quantity necessary to do its job and protect itself properly. Instead, the G-I tract becomes a territory, the manifest destiny of which is to be claimed and over-run by hostile, bacterial homesteaders! And they are not hostile to the G-I tract exclusively: their virulence reverberates to every system throughout the body. All of the other systems of the body suffer as a result of the intestinal system take-over by the bad guys and its consequent falling short of "proper functioning." That is why "proper nutrition" here meaning "proper choice of foods, proper combinations of foods, proper preparation of foods, and eating (and living) under conditions of proper Emotional Balance" that enhance digestion is so very crucial to our well-being! This information is Basic Probiotics: 101. It is scientifically substantiated knowledge.

How Do Probiotics Work?

Whether you choose to augment your intestinal populations with the friendly bacteria (and thus prepare for the best) or let whatever populations are down there fight it out and fend for themselves (and then hope for the best), the Cell Tech Probiotics do work with your best interest at heart! Below are some of the firmly substantiated tasks undertaken and fulfilled by the Probiotics in your body:

1. Probiotic bacteria successfully produce microbe-killing substances and are anti-microbial in action, thus reducing the number of antibiotics via bactericide. That is, the good


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