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Super Blue Green® Algae Enzymes & Probiotics For Some, "A Necessary Transition" until We Live in... "The Best of All Possible Worlds"

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602


The fletcherized food is called a "bolus": masticated food, mixed with salivary secretions that initiate pre-digestion. Once swallowed and moved through the esophagus into the stomach, the bolus mixture is called "chyme." Pre-digestion then continues in the stomach. Salivary and gastric secretions both are normally loaded with enzymes. But the more live-food enzymes present, the fewer bodily created secretions are called upon, the more Nerve Energy is conserved.

The employment of Cell Tech Enzymes results in less need for these "called upon," bodily manufactured enzymes! The employment of Cell Tech Enzymes, therefore, helps support bodily enzyme-making function, a function that tends to slow down and that weakens as we get older, regardless of how fully we actualize The 10 Energy Enhancers! The employment of Cell Tech Enzymes thus serves to conserve Nerve Energy as they assist in the pre-digestive (gastric) and digestive (intestinal) processes.

Cell Tech Enzymes are used by the body to help initiate the process of digestion in the stomach. The stomach is a holding-place or container, a hollow-tubed organ, that is basically a mixing bowl, where mechanical churning takes place. After being employed in gastric digestion, along with bodily secreted enzymes and other secretions, the Cell Tech Enzymes continue their catalytic work on the chyme (masticated, ensalivated, and swallowed food) as it is propelled via peristalsis into the small intestines. The final stages of true digestion take place within the lumen of the small intestines, within the cells of the fingerlike projections called "villae." After final digestion, the broken down nutrients are absorbed from the villae into the blood stream and travel to the liver for further processing and detoxification. The nutrients then travel for dispersal to the 75 trillion cells, to be assimilated into them and to be used for LIFE! What a glorious process!

Enzymes serve the body by helping to improve our overall body functioning at the cellular level in 2 ways: by improving pre-digestion and digestion (#1) and by conserving Nerve Energy (#2). The Bottom Line is that when pre-digestion is improved and when digestion is improved, overall nutrition to every cell in the body improves! And we are one step closer to Superlative Health!

Nerve Energy & Enzymes

Enzymes come from 2 places: the live-food which we eat and our own secretions which we manufacture. In their fabrication, the former source requires no Nerve Energy expenditure; the latter source is Nerve Energy costly. If the body is low in Nerve Energy or the reserves are exhausted, what's left of your group of friends and family will stand around amongst flowers talking about your life because it



will be over!

If we eat any food other than as served up by Nature, some enzyme loss has occurred if not all. When foods are cooked at temperatures over 118 degrees for more than a few moments, all enzymes are destroyed. (Some say it is as low as "112 degrees or 115 degrees.") In other words, and to quote from Dr. GetWell's Book of Nursery Rhymes: "Cooked food is dead food, as dead as a doornail. In building good health, it can only fail" ("dead" as far as containing "live enzymes" goes). To utilize the remaining nutrients in the detrimentally altered food, the body must devote some of its precious Nerve Energy and Nerve Energy reserves to the task of synthesizing the macromolecular enzymes. Again, as a gentle reminder, when the Nerve Energy is gone, you are gone. On the bright side, when we ingest Cell Tech Enzymes before, with, and/or after such an altered meal, they will be used by the body to assist it in getting what it needs from that meal without costing Nerve Energy! Without causing wear and tear on the body!

The Importance of Rest & Sleep

in Secretion & Excretion

Recall that Energy Enhancer #4 is Adequate Rest and Sleep. In The GetWellHStayWell Program, this is the only True Energy Enhancer. Only in Rest and Sleep do we actually restore Nerve Energy. The other 9 Energy Enhancers, in actuality, "enhance" only by "conserving" energy. Here then, is another GetWell push for securing Adequate Rest and Sleep.

GetWell has been teaching for over 11 years the physiological reality that when we become enervated, all bodily function is diminished in all systems: nervous, muscular, skeletal, immune, skin, reproductive, cardiovascular, and digestive. "Diminished function" occurs when a toggle switch has been turned so that all the lights dim in every room in a house. Metaphorically speaking, when the dimmer switch is turned down throughout the body, it lacks the Nerve Energy it needs to detoxify itself at the cellular level from one moment to the next. Toxemia also known as "Auto-Intoxication" sets in. Toxic build-up ensues. The Descent into Disease becomes the individual lifestyle.

In all of Dr. Shelton's teachings, we remember clearly that: "Elimination is checked when The Descent into Disease begins." But few of us recall that he also taught right alongside this reality that: "Secretion is checked when Auto-Intoxication sets in." Somehow, elimination is in the forefront, probably because we are conscious of it due to our several trips to the bathroom everyday and our use of deodorants and mouthwashes, while we are unconscious of the ongoing salivation and secretion that all happens internally and virtually without incident and awareness.

Well, I wish to draw your attention to your "secretory selves" at this time! Enzyme creation is secretory activity, just as is hormonal creation. And when our Nerve Energy is low and Toxemia builds up, our secretory capacity is checked. And when the dimmer switch turns down our secretory capacity, digestion suffers, absorption suffers, assimilation suffers, and elimination suffers. The individual who has thus taken The Descent into Disease is

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