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Super Blue Green® Algae Enzymes & Probiotics For Some, "A Necessary Transition" until We Live in... "The Best of All Possible Worlds"

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

I encourage you to "start making a list and checking it twice" now for which of The Energy Enhancers are typically your "naughty and nice"! As A Health Revolutionist, I encourage you to become your own, best teachers and to catch yourselves from falling into the pitfalls and the doldrums of toxic living so characteristic of "The Season to Be Jolly!" I encourage you NOW, after this 1997 passage, to follow The Hygiene Joy Way and to step into 1998 resolving to become more fit, better fed, more rested, and better loved and loving than at any time in your lives! And so, I encourage you to resolve now to make 1998 an Outrageously Healthy, Happy New Year! I invite you to do this with us by continuing The Algaefication Process NOW in every cell in your body!

I am not asking you to take a "Bah, Hum-Bug" attitude toward The New Year! God forbid! I am asking that while you go out of your way this New Year to love your neighbors, remember to love yourselves, as well. Fewer acts are more loving than to remember that your body's 75 trillion cells all working to keep you in Superlative Health have God-designed, physiological limitations! Your cells need your support and co-operation to stay within these limitations if they are to give you their very best on the spur of the moment!

Yes, pastries and candies and cookies and all the other sweet seductions laid out in "The Log Christmas Story" can be spell-binding and unspeakably enjoyable for a brief moment as the temptations are first spied, then swirled in saliva, and finally swallowed. "But is that 'brief moment,' repeated again and again and again, worth the toll it takes on the body especially when the tasty and healthy alternatives are kept alive in the imagination?" This is the question I urge you to ask yourselves. It could take the body weeks or even months to recover from these accumulated "brief moments" of dietary/physiological indiscretion, as each inevitably results in a decided and definite Nerve Energy drain and in The Toxification Process at the cellular level in your precious bodies.

I am not saying that you "should not" or "cannot" or "must not" indulge yourselves for a "brief moment." I just urge you to be aware of the spell-binding properties of holiday foods and select those "brief moments" wisely in quality and quantity and frequency! What I am saying is that with the increase of these "brief moments" so far astray from The Hygiene Joy Way these swirling, intoxicating moments with meats and pies and ice creams and muffins and poor combinations and huge quantities and rich and sweet and salty concoctions of all shapes, colors, and sizes with these "brief moments," I urge you to exercise a decided, definite, loving responsibility to your sacred Temples to your bodies. Instead of "The Toxification Process," we can initiate "The Full Algaefication Process" in our Temples during this passage into The New Millennium.

All of you, our GetWell Friends, already know what it means to "Get Algaefied!" The daily addition of the Alpha and Omega Algae has brought you and myself Peak Algae Experiences of mild to momentous report! The Full Algaefication Process, however, takes place in our Temples only with the regular addition of the Catalyst


Enzymes and Friendly Probiotics. It is my encouragement, therefore, to start your day with a Probiotic. Then, instead of washing any perhaps larger-than-necessary meals of less than Ideal Foods down with far from healthy beverages, you further initiate The Full Algaefication Process in your body: Open up at least 2 Enzymes; stir the Algaefied powder into a half cup of good, clean water; swirl this around in your mouth; and swallow! The addition of Enzymes and Probiotics will assist the body in its ever-present desire to conserve your Nerve Energy.

The Full Algaefication Process in the final analysis frees up your precious Nerve Energy to give you more time and more energy and more "brief moments" of LOVE to share with friends, loved ones, yourself, and even Logs, when they are in the semi-conscious phase of their transfiguration!

the full algaefication process

For Your Education


Why Do We Need Enzymes?

"But I eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, and they have an abundance of enzymes so why do I need Cell Tech's Enzymes?" An excellent question. The answer is short and sweet: "To enhance the quality of my moment-to-moment life and to avoid my premature death!"

Enzymes: 101

First, let's start with a basic education: Enzymes 101. Enzymes must be present during virtually all metabolic processes that take place in the body. Enzymes are the physiological catalysts or "the spark plugs" that make LIFE HAPPEN! Enzymes play an essential, "lock-and-key role" in the breakdown of food into the nutrients that are utilized at the cellular level: proteins into amino acids, fats into fatty acids and glycerol, starch and complex sugars into simple sugars. The presence of a sufficient amount of enzymes during digestion is vital, crucial, and pivotal to Superlative Health! When this "sufficient amount" is not present in the live-food in our diet, the body is called upon to manufacture these enzymes; and this is an energy-expensive process every time. And it is a highly energy-expensive process since an enzyme is a gigantic macromolecule, protein in nature. The Goliath Enzyme (being huge) works on The Food Substrate David (being tiny in comparison).

The ability of the body to manufacture these macromolecular enzymes is dependent upon 5 factors: #1 Our existing Nerve Energy and Nerve Energy reserves, #2 Our systemic weakness which is affected by our inherited predisposition and the past injuries and irreversible damages we have incurred through the years, #3 The amount and kind of toxins present in our bodies, #4 Abandonment of The Energy Robbers, and #5 Actualization of The Energy Enhancers.

Pre-digestion & Digestion

Pre-digestion begins in the mouth. We begin the process by eating, salivating, enjoying the taste and smell and texture of the food, chewing ,and letting the taste buds bring us enjoyment. A strong case needs to be made for thoroughly chewing the food at this point. In the late 1800s, this emphasis on mastication and ensalivation was called "Fletcherizing." A man named "Fletcher" started a movement during the rise of Natural Hygiene to chew, chew, chew.

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