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1. Dr. Shelton's Resuscitation of 19th Century Natural Hygienists' Teachings via the Publication of 40 Books, Some of which Today are Distributed World-Wide & via the Publication of Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review, Plus His Tapes, Lecturing & School Teachings & the Blossoming of Natural Hygiene Doctors Following in Dr. Shelton's Wake, Including: Dr. J.H. Tilden & His Landmark Book, Toxemia Explained, Dr. Vetrano, Dr. Scott, Dr. Esser & Several Others

2. The Creation of Self-Made Health Revolutionists in America & World-Wide Who through Self-Education & Self-Responsibility Have Been Practicing Natural Hygiene & Sharing Natural Hygiene... This Group Includes YOU!!!

3. The Establishment of the American Natural Hygiene Society, which Served as a Life-Support System from 1949 until 2000, with Book & Magazine Publications & Distributions, Conventions & State Chapters & More

4. The T.C. Fry Publications, Starting in 1976, & His "Big Course," Reaching Either Directly & Indirectly, Millions of Health Seekers World-Wide

5. The 1986 Publication of Fit for Life by T.C. Fry Students, Harvey & Marilyn Diamond: The All-Time, World-Wide Best Seller on Diet & Nutrition in History!

6. The Establishment of GetWellHStayWell, America! in 1986 & the 1990 Publication of the Best Pure Hygiene HandBook, The Health Seekers' YearBook

7. The Communications Explosion that Created the Entire World as a Global Community via High Technology: Television, Cassette Tape, the FAX Machine, Personal Computer & Finally The Internet with E-Mail & World-Wide Websites!

8. The Advent of The Raw Food Movement in the Last Decade

9. The Alternative Health Revolution in America & World-Wide! By 2000, 1 out of 2 Americans Who Gets Sick Shuns Medical Care & Seeks Alternative Health Care

10. The Grand Opening of "The Right Website for Natural Hygiene" in October, 2001 at...

& Its Potential to Reach Health Seekers World-Wide with 1,250 Book & Tape Titles, Almost 200 "Products at Cost" & Over 100 "Great, Yummy GetWell Edibles" & Hundreds of Pages of Education & Inspiration for "GOD, Health & Country!"



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