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Dear New & Long-Time GetWell Friends, Alike

As you take "Your Great Adventure & Ride" through the many meanderings of The GetWell*StayWell, America! BUTTONS, you will soon discover that Natural Hygiene as "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System" is The 10-Point Program that educates us as to "How to GetWell & StayWell without Drug & Doctor Dependency." This 10-Point Program, closely followed, will give your body of 75 trillion cells a break! You will start regaining Nerve Energy, insteading of constantly riding yourself into the ground. And your body will use this regained Nerve Energy for freeing you up detoxification, repair, rebalance, renewal, and rejuvenation! I know, Dear Friends... "IT SOUNDS SO WONDERFUL!" Today, you are being blessed! This Amazing, God-Given, 10-Point Program, you will see presented over and over again, at this "The RIGHT WEBSITE for Natural Hygiene." I have named these 10 Points... "THE 10 ENERGY ENHANCERS." Don't stop now...

The 10 Energy Enhancers

1.Cleanliness Inside & Out

2.Pure Air

3.Pure Water

4.Adequate Rest & Sleep

5.The Ideal Diet of Fresh, Raw

Fruits & Veggies, Nuts & Seeds

6.Right Temperatures

7.Adequate Sunlight

8.Regular Exercise

9.Emotional Balance

10.Nurturing Relationships I'm sure you have wandered into some alternative health care wastelands and badlands in your cyberspace rides. But now that you have arrived at "The RIGHT WEBSITE for Natural Hygiene," let me show you a shortcut by steering you in the direction of "The TOP 10 from GetWellHStayWell, America!" After spending 16 years as a Health Educator, let me make these recommendations:


FIRST CLICK ON... "What Is Natural Hygiene via The Health Reports?" Study these.

SECOND CLICK ON... "Why Is This Book, The Health Seekers' YearBook, So Important?" Get The YearBook as your #1 Choice of the 1,000 titles I offer.

THIRD CLICK ON... These "TOP 10." Review them.

#1 Confessions of A Medical Heretic: Your Most Insidious Enemy is Your Own Medical Mentality! This book and the next 2 will shatter the illusion that Medical Doctors know how to get you well.

The Dr. Day Videos are a close second and an audio-visual way to break the Medical Mind-Set!

#2 TOXEMIA EXPLAINED: For Energy Enhancer #1

#3 Fasting Can Save Your Life: Your Most Illustrious Teacher of The Hygiene Movement is Dr. Shelton. This book introduces you to his all-time best teaching on Energy Enhancer #1and shows you how to provide conditions for your body to detoxifiy your 75 trillion cells the fastest.

#4 Super Power Breathing for Super Energy, High Health & Longevity: For Energy Enhancer #2

#5 The Body's Many Cries for Water: For Energy Enhancer #3

#6 Common Health Sense # 1 & #2: For Energy Enhancer #4: The articles on REST & SLEEP and how to overcome Chronic Fatigue are worth their weight in gold! You cannot get well without appreciating the importance of and securing enough of these precious commodities.

#7 Raw-Eating: A New World Free from Diseases, Vices & Poisons: For Energy Enhancer #5

#8 Sunlight: For Energy Enhancer #7

#9 The Golden 7 + 1: For Energy Enhancer #8

#10 Common Health Sense #5 & #6: For Energy Enhancers #9 & #10


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