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Dear GetWell Friends! Thank God!

"The Great American Health Revolution


Dr. Herbert M. Shelton picked up a near-extinguished Torch of 19th Century Hygienists, fully flamed it once again, and held it High, calling bold and loud, far and wide, for "A Health Revolution" to wipe out the existing and rotten-to-the-core Medical Mentality at Its Worst. Thunder Cloud Fry shot a bolt of lightning to Shelton's fading Torch and lit up the world with followers of his "Big Course" and readers of his magazines and materials. And a band of promoters and practitioners, teachers and students of Hygiene, alike, each now carry their Torches... lighting America's skies for The Health Revolution today!

Perhaps the most encouraging news in today's battle for "The Truth" is that we "ALTERNATIVISTS" are winning The Revolution, 1 Health Seeker at a time! In 1994, a study put on national "60 Minutes" T.V. told The American People that 1 out of 3 who got sick sought alternative health care and did not go near conventional doctors. Today just 6 years later, another study reveals that 1 out of 2 who gets sick seeks the alternatives! GetWell Friends, "We Have VICTORY on The Home Front!" Thank You for your Common Health Sense #3 & #4 Support. May you mightily prosper from the teachings and sharings herein.


From the considered "prestigious," orthodox medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, 1997; 127 [1]:61-69. "The number of patient visits to practitioners of 'alternative' medicine in the United States now outstrips consultations with traditional physicians. Alternative medicines and therapies run the gamut between more familiar and trusted procedures such as chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture, to many less-known herbal medicines and 'spiritual' therapies. This shift is absolutely inevitable. The American public is not stupid. More and more people are realizing that the traditional medical paradigm is wonderful for acute trauma and surgical emergencies; but for the vast majority of chronic illness that people suffer, it is an unmitigated disaster. Traditional medicine really has no choice at this point. They will have to wake up and start to integrate some of these treatments into their paradigm, or they will very shortly be out of a job."  

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