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Dear Health Seekers & New Friends of Mine...

This piece of literature is a gift from myself and GetWell Friends! I am reaching out to North Americans both in Canada and United States to share "The Wild & Revolutionary Message of How to GetWell & StayWell" with Natural Hygiene, "The Superlative of All Alternative Health Care Systems!" The glory of "The Revolution" is that... "The body is self-cleansing, self-maintaining, and self-healing if we will just remove The Causes of Disease and provide The Conditions for Health!" Natural Hygiene is encapsulated in a 10-point program of Common Health Sense practices, "GetWellHStayWell Habits." See page 6, where I ask: "Could you use... MORE ENERGY?" Now, virtually everyone can experience their own establishment of Superlative Health!

8 / 1 / 98 7 /31/ 99... I BURNED OFF 100 POUNDS OF FAT

in The Wilderness of British Columbia, Canada...

in The Fairmont Hot Springs Pool and...

in The Kootenay Indian Mountains...

Praising The Lord on High!

("Captain High Joy America!" is the name of my horse.)

With 40 pounds to burn off, I am moving in gratitude through Canada and America... and celebrating The Glory with you!

When you follow The 10 GetWellHStayWell Habits, you are practicing "The Superlative Alternative Health Care System of Natural Hygiene" plain and simple. And when you practice these 10 Habits with passionate perseverance, your nervous system will generate more energy it will revitalize. Why will it generate more energy? Because these 10 GetWellHStayWell Habits are energy conservative not energy expensive! In particular, the fresh, raw fruits and vegetables hold far more nutrition and take far less energy to digest than cooked foods typical of The Standard American Diet. With more Nerve Energy generated in your nervous system from this new energy-conservative lifestyle, you are revitalized. And your 75 trillion cells will use that newly conserved, freshly freed-up, and gloriously generated Nerve Energy to detoxify, repair, renew, and rejuvenate! "The Very Good News" is that if you were not on your deathbed, deep into the pathological point of no return when you began The GetWell Process (and few are) , any disease process in your body will be halted and then reversed. Depending on your genetic predisposition, the amount and kind of toxins present in your body, the amount of Nerve Energy present at the onset, and the degree of irreversible damage you have incurred in your lifetime, you will experience The GetWell Process as feeling and thinking and looking younger and as feeling more pleasure and more energy in your physical being! Regardless of the disease process in your body at the onset, you will in time experience a natural healing response that will lead to partial or complete recovery! Most Health Seekers turning to The GetWell Process feel improvements in their physical bodies and in their mental and emotional lives within days! Certainly within weeks and definitely within months. Now you have the knowledge to cooperate with the natural design of your body to GetWell and StayWell!

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth." III John 1: 2


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