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Dear GetWell Friends... If weight loss is your Health Seeking Goal, The Natural Weight-Loss System brings you the very most complete and very most intimately detailed program in Natural Hygiene existence! And it speaks directly and deeply to The Health Seeker with an eating disorder-compulsion, like no other Hygienic literature does! You receive not only the 26 lessons named below but, also, 26 newsletters with 26 "Success At Last!" stories, complete with before and after pictures from Health Seekers Satisfied who used The System to reach their ideal weights. IT'S EXCITING! Now, you may order The Natural Weight-Loss System on page 160 for $80.00. You receive over 500 pages in lessons and newsletters in a 3-ring notebook, a copy of The Biological Principles of Weight-Loss and Weight-Gain, and 116 Tantalizing, Good Health Recipes. SlimWell!

Lesson 1: The Ideal Diet and Criteria of an Ideal Food

Lesson 2: Behavior Modification for Sane Eating Habits

Lesson 3: Toxemia The Basic Cause of Disease

Lesson 4: The True Human Dietetic Character

Lesson 5: Beware of The Standard American Diet (Part I)

Lesson 6: Beware of The Standard American Diet (Part II)

Lesson 7: The Complete Food Combining Guide

Lesson 8: Setting Goals for Your Highest Health Potential

Lesson 9: Strategies for Self-Correction without Self-Guilt

Lesson 10: Taming The Compulsive Personality

Lesson 11: Exercise as The Fine Art of Positive Addiction

Lesson 12: True Hunger VS. The Jaded Appetite

Lesson 13: Detoxification and Retoxification

Lesson 14: Fasting for Total Health

Lesson 15: Fasting for Permanent Weight-Loss

Lesson 16: Setting Up The Live-Food, Ideal Food Kitchen

Lesson 17: The "Killinary" Art ...or... The Evils of Cooking

Lesson 18: The Corruption of Our Food Supply by The Food Giants

Lesson 19: The Health Hazards of SAD Obesity (Part I)

Lesson 20: The Health Hazards of SAD Obesity (Part II)

Lesson 21: SAD-SAP Exorbitance VS. Hygiene Economics

Lesson 22: The Natural Weight-Loss System Is More than a Diet!

Lesson 23: Lowering Your Setpoint with Disciplined Exercise

Lesson 24: Calories Don't Count ...but...

Lesson 25: Self Honesty VS. Self-Rationalization

Lesson 26: Sharing Your Success: The Attitude of Gratitude



"How Does The Health Seeker Lose Weight with Natural Hygiene"