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Victoria's Closing & Happy Note...

Dear Health Seekers around The World, UNITE & SHARE! Today, "The Good News" of this "The Right Website for Natural Hygiene" is that... "NOW, it is possible to step out of ignorance and suffering and to acquire an understanding of how to GetWell & StayWell! The education has all been laid before us!

When I first discovered Natural Hygiene in 1976, there was no Health Seekers' YearBook or Common Health Sense. There was no "Right Website for Natural Hygiene." There were just a very few recipe books on The Hygienic Diet from which to choose. We had so little. NOW, you have so much! Just by studying The Health Seekers' YearBook and Common Health Sense and by availing yourself of "The GetwellHStayWell, America! BookList," you can "take-NATURAL HYGIENE-home & do-NATURAL HYGIENE-yourself!"

We can now examine how we live The 10 Energy Enhancers and gain a knowledge of our individual limitations! We can now learn to enjoy living within these limitations, thus avoiding excesses and conserving our Nerve Energies as we revitalize, detoxify, repair, renew, and rejuvenate! Now, it is possible for us to learn our genuine needs and to learn to supply these according to our current capacities. NOW, we can have what God wants for us... WE MAY HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY!

NATURAL HYGIENE offers to The Health Seekers of The World a way to reverse any development of disease and to successfully build Superlative Health! Now, we can free ourselves from The Disease Industrialists and The Medical Mentality. NOW, we can practice NATURAL HYGIENE it's our choice! Free Will played a determining and dramatic role in the souls and actions of Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden. And Free Will, likewise, continues to play a determining and dramatic role in every waking and sleeping moment of our lives, even today. Now, we may exercise that Free Will, devotedly respectful of and disciplined for Our Highest Health Potentials. We need never again be preyed upon by The Disease Industrialists, by The Medical Mentality at Its Worst, or by our own fears of taking The Dreaded Descent into Disease. Today, Dr. Shelton posthumously and I in the flesh we call out to you to investigate! We lay before you to study! We beg of you to consider the Amazing, Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of NATURAL HYGIENE! The time is ripe for hygiene and heavily laden with so much promise of sweetness and joy! Like luscious, red raspberries, sun-kissed in season's zenith, hanging in bunches from the bushes, waiting to be plucked by huge handfuls and devoured, NATURAL HYGIENEso awaits our picking! Now, "The Sweet Pickin's Have Never Been Easier!"

PART II: "Where Are The Teachings of Hygienic Educators?" 11