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The Quick-n'-Easy Natural Recipes · Lorrie Knutsen · $3.oo · 58 pages · paperback · These recipes use only a handful of ingredients and take just minutes to prepare!

The Race for Life Cookbook · Ruth Heidrich · $10.oo · 99 pages · paperback · Here are 100 vegan recipes, most of them containing less than 10% fat and all of them being high in antioxidants and fiber.

Romancing the Bean · Joanne Saltzman · $13.oo · 216 pages · paperback · In this companion book to Amazing Grains, the author applies her unique, VEGAN approach to the wide assortment of dried beans, providing a variety of dishes, from the simple and the rustic to the gourmet.

The Saucy Vegetarian · Joanne Stepaniak · $13.oo · 144 pages · paperback · A UNIQUE BOOK, INDEED! It specializes to give you quick and healthful, UNCOOKED sauces and dressings!

The Sensuous Vegetarian Barbecue · Vicki Chelf · $10.oo · 218 pages · paperback · Having friends over for a barbecue? Use these 120 grilling recipes, all with a low-fat, VEGAN flavor.

Simply Vegan · Debra Wasserman · $13.oo · 224 pages · paperback · Select from over 160 recipes for preparing quick, VEGAN meals. Sample menus and an extensive section on various topics of vegan nutrition are included.

The Single Vegan · Leah Leneman · $12.oo · 127 pages · paperback · Here are simple, convenient, and appetizing meals, all for just 1 person you!

Soup's On! · Barb Bloomfield · $11.oo · 128 pages · paperback · VEGAN soups, muffins, and accompaniments all without eggs or dairy products are the menu items of this book!

Soyfood Recipes for The American · The Folks at White Wave · $10.oo · 92 pages · paperback · Here are favorite, VEGAN recipes from the White Wave product developers and taste testers!

Soyfoods Cookery · Louise Hagler · $10.oo · 100 pages · paperback · Here is a wide variety of tasty, VEGAN dishes, incorporating soyfoods of all kinds.


Stir Crazy! · Susan Cheney · $13.oo · 162 pages · paperback · A UNIQUE BOOK centering on the use of the wok or stir-fry pan! You are offered over 100 quick, low-fat, VEGAN recipes.

Table for Two · Joanne Stepaniak · $13.oo · 140 pages · paperback · Set your table for 2. Serve these VEGAN recipes that are quick, nutritious, and easy-to-fix, most taking less than 30 minutes!

Taste & See Allergy Relief Cookbook · Penny King · $12.oo · 254 pages · paperback · Catering to The Health Seeker plagued with allergies, here are VEGAN recipes with NO meat, NO dairy products, NO eggs, NO vinegar, NO sugar, NO wheat, NO baking powder, and LITTLE or NO salt or fat!

The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook · Judy Krizmanic · $10.oo · 186 pages · paperback · How wonderful! Someone was thoughtful enough to write a recipe book for teenagers offering yumminess from breakfast to the midnight snacks and everything in-between!

Ten Talents Cookbook · Frank Hurd · $22.oo · 376 pages · paperback · This book, as the title alludes, is written with The Lord in mind. It is an all-time classic in the vegetarian world. It is close enough to Natural Hygiene Transition in so many of its recipes that T.C. Fry carried it in his publications and sold tons of them to Health Seekers over the years I knew him. The book includes meal planning and proper food combining principles.

The Tofu Cookbook · Leah Leneman · $11.oo · 192 pages · paperback · This VEGAN book is a tofu education, along with its 150 recipes: you learn how tofu is made, how to store it, and how to cook creatively with it.

Tofu Cookery · Louise Hagler · $16.oo · 160 pages · paperback · Here is the most beautiful and complete VEGAN tofu cookbook on the market! Here are over 200 recipes, including old favorites, revised to reflect today's new health consciousness!

Tofu & Soyfoods Cookery · Peter Golbitz · $13.oo · 173 pages · paperback · Make use of 125 soyfoods, VEGAN recipes, compiled by an expert on soy!

The TVP Texturized Vegetable Protein Cookbook · Dorothy Bates · $8.oo · 96 pages · paper


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