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Dear GetWell Friends & Brand-New Health Seekers!

If you have been with me for 1 or more of the years since 1986, you will seldom have use of this "Mainstream BookList Order Form for Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes." You will prefer to use the several recipe collections in "The BookList Order Form for Natural Hygienists" preceding this Vegan & Vegetarian collection, especially for your personal, dietary needs. You Health Seekers Brand-New to GetWellHStayWell, America! and Brand-New to "The Right Website for Natural Hygiene," however, may have need of Vegan & Vegetarian recipe ideas. Indeed, many of you Brand-New GetWell Friends may be coming straight off The Standard American Diet (The SAD Diet); and you may find The Natural Hygiene Diet asking way too much of you! Especially for you Brand-New Health Seekers, therefore, who need to take a few weeks or a few months of transition from The SAD Diet to The Natural Hygiene Diet, I offer this huge collection of "Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes" from the culinary artists of Mainstream America. Seldom are the recipes in this huge collection all-raw. Seldom are they properly combined. Seldom are they free of toxic ingredients. But the vegan recipes are free of any animal products, whatsoever; the and the vegetarian recipes are free of any animal flesh, whatsoever.

You need to visit the many "BUTTONS" at" before you will clearly understand what "Natural Hygiene" is. Especially, CLICK ON: "The Health Reports." You need to study The Health Seekers' YearBook before you will fully understand what "Natural Hygiene" is. CLICK ON: The Health Seekers' YearBook. And when you have completed both of these studies and have gained both of these understandings, you will then have The Health Seekers' Wisdom when it comes to making use of the following "BookList Order Form for Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes," summarized as follows:

#1.Use Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes... when making the transition from meat and animal products to The Natural Hygiene Diet (also called "The Ideal Diet"). This is only if you have found eating all-raw is just impossible for you at this time.

#2.Use Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes... when wanting to interest your loved ones in a healthier diet and when you know they just will not eat your all-raw meals.

#3.Use Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes... when falling off The Victory Wagon and fearing the worst complete reversal to The SAD Diet forever! Lighten Up! Do not make The Raw Food Diet a dogma or a religion. If an occasional partaking in 1 of these Vegan or Vegetarian Recipes will help you stay away from SAD foods and will help you get back on The Natural Hygiene Track, go for it. Just know 2 things: 1st These recipes are more healthful than The SAD Diet. And 2nd They are less healthful than The Natural Hygiene Diet.

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