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Victoria BidWell Page 3

29 hours of deliverance with a team of 7 deliverance ministry people over a 6-month period.

1984 - 1986 Victoria works for T.C. Fry in Austin, Texas, and is the instructor and test corrector for his correspondence course: The Life Science Health System. She also graduates from the course herself. She spends countless hours in study of Natural Hygiene. 1985 - 1994 Victoria works with T.C. Fry, writes extensively for his various publications, speaks infrequently at his seminars.

1986 Victoria founds GetWell StayWell, America! She formally dedicates her life to the preparation involved in launching "The Great American Health Revolution" as a grassroots movement by bringing The Health Message directly to The Suffering Class of America and Health Seekers Everywhere.

1995 Victor Bidwell dies at age 84. During a brief 5-month period, his bone marrow quits making red blood cells. His suffering is minimal, compared to the suffering of many who die. Victor got on the Natural Hygiene/Fresh Food Lifestyle in 1985 and slimmed down and lived in a high state of energy and health. During those 10 years of improved health, Victor would always speak of how good he felt, with no aches or pains. And his one regret was that he had not gotten on the program years earlier. He recalled hearing about the Hygiene movement through Bernarrd's Physical Culture magazine in the 1930's, but he did not pay attention. In his late youth, Victor had become disenchanted with life after his attempts to influence social reform were formally squelched by threats from the government. All her life, Victoria recalls Victor, in his bitterness, telling her never to give herself to a cause. But once he realized the extent of her vision and the efficacy of The Natural Hygiene System and once The Health Seekers' YearBook was put into print and The GetWell GrassRoots Victory Wagon rolled into The Barn driveway, Victor changed his tune. Here was a cause to which he believed one should commit to teach people how to GetWell and StayWell without drug and doctor dependency and how to end their needless suffering.

1986 - 1999 Victoria writes and publishes The Health Seekers' YearBook and many smaller books on Natural Hygiene and carries the largest selection of Hygiene materials in history through her mail order business. Victoria serves Health Seekers via phone and letter and makes no public appearances due to her apparent lack of vibrant health due to a full-blown eating disorder and concomitant obesity.

From age 8 onward, Victoria suffers with an eating disorder. In her adult life, she goes up and down from 118 - 280. For the 12 years she was able to help Health Seekers through GetWellStayWell, America!, she was unable to live The Program herself successfully. On August 1, 1998, she went to The J & N Trail Ride Ranch and Fairmont Hot Springs in The Wilderness of British Columbia to turn her weight situation around or die trying! Twelve months later, Victoria has burned off 100 pounds. Along with the many, monthly book and products orders through GetWell StayWell, America!, a generous donation from a GetWell Friend in January and a smaller donation from 1 sister made this Canada adventure possible.

Throughout 2000 With finances depleted but energy renewed, Victoria asks The 500 Common Health Sense #3 & #4 Subscribers to contribute to The Great American Health Revolution. Most respond, some in extraordinary ways! Today, "The Right Website for Natural Hygiene" and a near-new computer have been donated by GetWell Friend Ken Chin; and "The Right Website Construction" has been a contribution of GetWell Friend Beverly Grose. You are receiving "The Gift of Love" from GetWell Friends as you read this. We Pray You Will Be Blessed.



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