I Was Thinking of You ALL on October 11th!

The October Fire Event Baptism by Fire!



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When all was said and done, 3 hours later, when the firemen and the Mounties and the campers and the ambulancers all came and left, after I provided onlookers and participants with the most joyful fire of their lives, and as one of the life guards took me back to "my log cabin in the woods," to the Common Health Sense #3 & #4 office, and to "My Little Horse," HighJoy danced ecstatically to see me! This summer, I had taught him how to jump up and down, like a little dog begging for a morsel that you hold just out of his reach. Usually, he would make a limp jump of 5 or 6 inches, his legs drooping as he lifted himself off the ground. It was pretty cute. But that night, with the near-full, silver-shining moon and The Kootenay Mountains as the back-drop, HighJoy, in his dapple-silver fur coat, was rearing almost straight up on his hind legs and thrashing his legs out in front of him! What a stunning sight! Was it because he was getting an unprecedented 1:00 A.M. visit with hopes of middle-of-the-night, rolled oats? Or did he know? Was he celebrating and jumping for joy as if to say... "She's ALIVE!"?

Dear GetWell Friends, we have a choice, in many life or death situations! If there is not enough LOVE, if there is not a strong enough calling to complete projects, if there are not enough friends and family, if there is not enough faith, and if there is too much pain, too much darkness, too many enemies, too many bills, too little to look forward to, too little hope, then a person may choose to listen to The Voice of Discouragement. In many life or death situations, it is our spiritual strength that will pull us through. I felt a band of angels in The Wilderness Wagon, fluttering through my soul, helping me find the thoughts and feelings, helping me use my free will, to set me free.

The next 2 hours were just as eventful as those 5 minutes that so changed my life and turned the tide for GetWellHStayWell, America! Although in a bit of shock and scraps of flesh hanging off my hands, I asked God to help me present myself not as an hysterical dame in a foreign country but as a blessing to all in attendance, to use me for His glory. And although I may not have been too friendly to the ambulance workers, I was, indeed, the most joyful fire victim in the history of that fire department and for the onlookers! We had 2 hours to pass, while we watched the fire burn and while I answered questions for documentation from officials. And we had 30 onlookers.

Why not create a moment of joy for all to remember? So many were so intent on wanting to




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lovingly, light-hearted and comic. God certainly has a sense of humor. I heard Him ask: "Now aren't you sorry you don't have a little body?" I felt chagrin. It is true. If I had turned into Twiggy, I would have slipped right out this window. I was stuck! The 5th thought to go through my head was decidely mine: I started listing the people who would be openly elated or secretly pleased to know that I was dead. In all cases, the source of their pleasure evolved from jealousy, for one reason or another. It was a short list of 5 people. This 4th thought got me angry! And I was still stuck and still struggling.

The 5th thought was of all of you. Not just the 254 CLOUD PEOPLE, but all 525 of you! I pictured Linda Sticco flying out to get my computers with Common Health Sense #3 & #4 only half-finished. I pictured her finishing them and adding me to the list of the 2 dead dignitaries and writing to all of you with the news of my burning up. I pictured you opening up the mail to read of "The News Event." And this 5th thought made me so sad. For a moment, I saw the map of The United States with all 525 STARS, representing all of you. And I imagined you would be so sorrowful to learn of my passing. And I thought of the 254 of you CLOUD PEOPLE who gave hard-earned money to help save The Barn Headquarters and to bring Natural Hygiene to The People. And I felt so sick, such remorse that I had let you down. And I was still stuck, still struggling. Then, the 6th and final thought it yanked me back inside the hellish inferno, without effort. And it got me out. I thought about the perfect trail ride of that evening. I thought... "My Little Horse would miss me!" And that thought got me to systematically put my right foot and leg and buttock out the little window, and then my left, with a tremendous bending of my back to get the shoulders and head out, too. I got out the window as if I were getting onto a horse, easily, without effort! The 6th and final thought was "LOVE!" I thought about something I would really miss something I would really miss if I were to leave it behind! Keep in mind, I had already thought about all of you. And it had gotten me 1 thought away from successful escape! And keep in mind, I have no children or grandchildren, no husband or boyfriend, and only 1 sister out of 4 with whom I communicate. And although I have many friends, most all are over the phone and through letters. In this world, above and beyond my calling, my computers, my projects, The Victory Wagon, my sister, and all of you, God has given me Captain HighJoy America! And that near-full-moon night, Dear God used him to save my life.


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