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Dear Victoria, I was so glad that you could use my letter! Whenever someone is able to overcome a health problem through living The Laws of Life, it gives another hope to stay on track. (I am the one whose arthritis was putting a stop to playing the piano and teaching others to play, as well!)

A thought came to me that I would share with you and others. It goes like this: "Go ahead and violate every LAW in the universe; and SATAN will be there to comfort you with Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and The Undertaker." It has been shown to me that it is not just the impure foods that do us in but impure thoughts, criticism, fears, doubts, worries, and unhappiness that poison our bodies. Blessings, Wayne in Illinois.

Dear Victoria, As a side note, I wish to thank you for all you do to keep the Hygiene products and materials coming. I also want to tell you that I appreciate your Christian slant and views. This Country was founded on a firm belief and trust in God. If we ever lose sight of that completely, we will find ourselves fighting not only A Health Revolution but another freedom revolution, also. God Bless You for remembering The Creator of our beautiful fruits and veggies. Your Sister, Jilene in Idaho.

Dear Victoria, WOW! You were right about Dr. Batman's book, The Body's Many Cries for Water. It is really shaking some of my paradigms and beliefs (or at least what I was taught). I always remember good, old T.C. spouting... "It's not what you don't know... It's what you know that isn't so." I deeply admire T.C. But there were several wrong roads that he advised, and Dr. B. sure shoots a big hole in his... "Man is not a naturally drinking creature we get all the water we need from raw fruits and vegetables." It is several years ago that the book by Guy Hendricks on deep breathing challenged T.C.'s... "You don't need deep breathing if you are exercising properly."

That being said... I will always treasure Natural Hygiene for freeing me from The Disease Mentality. I no longer look at disease as something that "HAPPENS" to you. Disease symptoms are the many body's cries for us to initiate the healing process in our life habits. We now live with The 7 Stages of Disease as our guide. Stage One is Enervation. Stage Two is Toxemia. And this is where Dr. B. can help explain things. If our cells (since I am 58) are only 80% of the water they require, then there will not be adequate dilution in the body for normal


functioning. It makes me think of the way that we always soak our dishes, so that they are easily washed when it comes time to clean them and put them into reservice. It would be the same with our cells... interesting. To that end, and after studying The Batman Book, I must now have the 8-tape lecture and study in greater depth. Hope all is going well. All our best, always, Ron & Elaine in Canada.

Dear Victoria, You are an amazing gal to accomplish all that you do alone! It is a mighty work you do. Perhaps one day, when you get to Heaven, you will meet the folks whose lives you have enriched and prolonged! What a time that will be! "The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace." Galatians 5:22. Love, Doris in Arizona.

Dear Victoria: Thank you for your note and the 2 Bars. I make that cookie, too. But Arnold's Way is better with lemon juice. They really are delicious. Thank you for your wonderful work and all the good you do in this world of ours. I'm so glad you're in it! Shirley in Minnesota.

Victoria, Thank you for letting me exchange The Household Champion for The Commercial Champion. At our house, we look as you as... "God's Gift to America!" Thanking You, Kulwant Singh in California.

Dear Victoria, I had never accepted grains and cooked food as healthy. In reference to your Christian writing, "Go ahead! Keep doing the good job." Don't forget what Jesus said to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:29. "The fruits and vegetables will be your food." I'm a 7th Day Adventist. I'm Christian. And nobody will take me off my road with Christ. We must look to our Creator. Keep doing your good job. God Bless You, Rudolfo in California.

Victoria: Let's keep going. We have a destiny to fulfill so we can maintain a natural balance. Yours, Hygienically. Rafael in California.

Victoria, Keep on glorifying our Creator and Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ, and our Comforter, The Holy Spirit. I'm proud to know you and what you alone are doing. We're all grateful and appreciative. We have your picture and HighJoy's on our refrigerator. There's only one against you Satan and his demons. God is more powerful, so we needn't be fearful. Sharon in Indiana.

Victoria, I always LOVE getting your newsletters. I'm staying positive and hope you are, too. You are our inspiration! Sandra in Colorado.


Letters of Gratitude for Natural Hygiene from GetWell Friends