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Revolution" is successfully launched. During the years that mark the turn of the 20th century, the ANHS begins making changes that seasoned and devoted Natural Hygienists find disappointing: many more are angered by the new stances, whereby the importance of food combining for Superlative Nutrition is played down, as is the role of raw food. One GetWell Friends even wrote a humorous statement that Dr. Shelton would roll over in his grave if he saw what changes were being made in the organization he founded: The GetWell Friend then added that if did not know better, he would suspect that the AMA was subsidizing the ANHS, from the tone and content of some of their articles! GetWell friends over these years have come to me for an explanation of "What is up with these people?" And for the few years prior to the turn of the century, I just say that I call them "The Florida People" and not Purely Hygienic in their stances, and leave it at that. Interestingly enough, the very organization that had at one time urged me repeatedly me to drop "Natural Hygiene" from the name of what I was promoteing decides to drop "Natural Hygiene" from the name of what they are promoting, instead! I was delighted! Today, "The Florida People" go by the name "The Natural Health Society." I have not kept up with what they are doing, so I cannot report. I do know that many of their Dr. Shelton publications are still available, an act of service for which I am very, very grateful.

From 1980 until Dr. Herbert M. Shelton's death in 1985 Dr. Shelton continues to dictate in a whisper, Hygienic teachings for The People, his vocal cords no longer producing full power. It should be noted that Dr. Shelton grew totally feeble in body but not in mind. He worked with Jean Oswald to consult for her and Dr. Scott's upcoming book, Fasting for the Health of It. He worked with Jo Willard and Jean Oswald to write The Original Natural Hygiene Weight-Loss Diet Book, published posthumously in 1986. He worked on various other projects to the end.

1986 & onward The all-time best seller in diet and nutrition in history Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, is put into print. After years of self-study and study with the Life Science Institute and T.C. Fry's Big Course, these 2 Hygienic authors make "Natural Hygiene" a household term in many millions of Health Seeker homes across America and around the world! Dr. Shelton deserves monumental accolades for this 1986 event, for resuscitating The 19th Century Pioneers and for adding to their many works and for getting "The Message & Promise of Natural Hygiene" out to The People! As Ron and Elaine Harrington allude in their eulogy to T.C. Fry, without Dr. Shelton, there would have been no T.C. Fry to read Superior Nutrition and then to go on and create The Big Course for The Diamonds.

Because of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton's DETERMINATION and PERSISTENCE, his inspiration has spurred countless Health Seekers, with a calling to help The People, to create an endless stream of books, tapes, videos, and other teaching materials to bring Natural Hygiene to the world's eyes. There are problems with this proliferation of so-called "Hygienic materials," however. #1 Unfortunately, not all of it is in a form that is true to the basic, physiologically correct, "Laws of Life" imbedded in Natural Hygiene.( I just picked up a book this week by an enthusiastic author of Hygiene who states that "The 1st Stage of Tilden's 7 Stages of Disease is constipation or diarrhea!") #2 Unfortunately, most of it would receive a "C-" for used of Standard English Grammar and Punctuation! #3 And unfortunately, a goodly portion of this proliferation glorifies lesser gods, The New Age, Eastern Philosophies. Some of it is leading The People straight to hell! But in America, freedom of the press belongs to those who can afford to rent one and crank out their own literature or who can find a publisher to do it for them.

As for me, when I get around to an extended autobiography, you will find that I have tried so many vain philosophies and fantasies and false paradigms that just squandered Nerve Energy and brought me back to darkness, that I, for the duration, I am choosing "The Straight & Narrow Path." Upcoming Common Health Sense Issues #5 & #6, like always, are for all Health Seekers. It is my prayer, that regardless of your spiritual stand, you will, nevertheless, find these Issues #5 & #6 a blessing in your successful practice of The Superlative of All Alternative Health Care Systems Natural Hygiene. I will get off my soapbox now, and turn you over to Common Health Sense #4.


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