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The Dr. Shelton Works! Part 2

A GetWell StayWell Library of All Works by Shelton Presently in Print

Just Reading These Book Reviews Is... "A Health Seekers' Education!"

Living Life to Live It Longer: An Hygienist's Study in Orthobionomics, Orthopathy, and Healthful Living · 139 pages · $14.00. Longevity through Hygienic living is the theme of this book. To quote Dr. Shelton: "The advantage of correct principles is that they are eternal and do not have to be traded in for a new model every season! The ceaseless change of both principles and methods one sees in the popular systems of medicine should discredit them with the intelligent." The theme of this work is that... "We cannot have long life handed to us on a silver platter. It is of our own making and comes from a mode of living that conforms to the laws of life." Dr. Shelton ends with this main longevity theme: "Abolish medicine in all its forms, and human life will increase by an average of 10 years in a decade!" See 4 Books in 1 for the "Table of Contents."

Natural Hygiene: The Pristine Way of Life ·640 pages · $17.00. We are fortunate to have this book: get yourself a copy immediately! Just recently put into print after decades of being out-of-print, this book focuses entirely on the revolutionary idea that only the application of Natural Hygiene principles in The Health Seeker's life can restore him to "the pristine state of health" which is the natural state and the birthright of all men, women, and children. The false teachings from the schools of "curing" are exposed; and "The New Human Redemption" through Natural Hygiene is offered, instead. "Women and Hygiene" are also addressed. Dr. Vetrano's 12 pages of introduction are every bit as magnificent as Dr. Shelton's teachings throughout. This is your most basic introduction in Natural Hygiene as the pure, pristine, supreme art of living it is!

Superior Nutrition · 197 pages · $11.00. This is the book that T.C. Fry read on Thanksgiving day in 1970, prior to the traditional family feast. And it is the book that inspired him to do an about face and to devote the next 26 years of his life to reach Health Seekers around the world with its message. After Fasting Can Save Your Life, this is Dr. Shelton's most widely read classic. He teaches Hygiene as the way to Superlative Health, focusing here on the diet. He describes the basic, nutritional needs of the body. He discusses processed foods versus natural foods, organic foods versus inorganic foods. He details our requirements for starches, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Other topics follow: the proper diet for well-being, fasting, feeding babies naturally, and how to plan and eat well.




During the mid-1900s, Dr. Shelton published a set of 7 maroon, hard-bound volumes on very thin paper and small print. He designated the 7 Volume Set "The Hygienic System." Presently, only the first 2 of the set are in print in paperback, hence the lower costs. The Health Seeker is here advised to build his or her own set of The Hygienic System Volumes, through The GetWellHStayWell, America! photocopy, enlarged print, and 3-ring binder formats.

The Hygienic System: Volume I: The Science and Fine Art of Natural Hygiene Orthobionomics · 352 pages · $17.00. This book lays the foundation for the next 6. Many consider the first 100 pages of this book to be the finest elaboration of Natural Hygiene to be found anywhere. It explains "The Laws of Life," the principles that govern physiology.

The Hygienic System: Volume II: The Science and Fine Art of Food and Nutrition · 591 pages · $17.00. · This books picks up where Superior Nutrition leaves off. It is the most complete guide to food and nutrition available. Dr. Shelton discusses our nutritional needs; what nutrition is; and what, when, and how to eat. This Volume II of The Hygienic System examines food combining, vegetarianism, fruitarianism, raw foods, the feeding of children, and more.

The Hygienic System: Volume III: The Science and Fine Art of Fasting · 384 pages · $45.00. This book just went out-of-print. It is available only in photocopy form in a 3-ring notebook. If you have mastered Fasting Can Save Your Life, you are next ready for the most comprehensive and detailed statement on Hygienic fasting available! This is the definitive statement and final word on fasting, as Dr. Shelton records his findings in his 55 years of study, observation, and supervision of over 100,000 fasts. The case histories of recovery from so-called "incurable diseases" are fascinating, and they only serve to prove the effectiveness and naturalness of the Hygienic fast. The Science and Fine Art of Fasting is a great education on the fastest way to start your own Health Revolution!

See the 4 following, full pages for descriptions and the "Tables of Contents" for Volumes IV - VII. See the further pages for other Dr. Shelton classics, now out-of-print and available only in photocopy form and in 3-ring notebooks.


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