The Passionate PurpleBerry Blitz!

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The Passionate PurpleBerry Blitz!

Dearest GetWell Friends Some of these recipes, I set out deliberately to concoct to taste if they are as good as my imagination leads me to believe. Some are complete accidents! The Passionate PurpleBerry Blitz was one such fated, and now fond, event! I make a habit of buying grapes when they are on sale sometimes as cheap as 69¢ a pound! But even 99¢ is a bargain. I'll get a box and juice them up, putting the pulp through The Champion 2 or 3 times to get all the juice, and then freezing the juice. Then, some later day, when I am in a hurry, I can thaw out the juice and make a "VITA-MIX supply" in the "twice-as-big-as-a-blender" container. I can then sip on the beverage for days. Well, just the other day, the juice was still in crystals. Grape juice is so sweet, I usually distill-water it down, 1 part grape to 1 part water. But on this particular day, I poured the still frosted grape juice into the container and added the very tart but very passionate boysenberries, also frozen. I added a lime and some grated ginger! WOW! This drink will make you want to kick your heels up! On a hot day, it is so REFRESHING! GetWell Friends sometimes tell me they are still hooked on the bubbling, tickling, tingle of carbonated drinks. Let me tell you, Dear Drinking Friends of Mine, with a beverage made from Hygienically Passionate Foods, you have your own tickling and tingling! And it's all good, clean (that is, "NON-TOXIC")... FAMILY FUN!

UTENSILS: The Champion to juice the grapes,

The VITA-MIX to blend the beverage, a knife to peel the lime & a hand grater to shred the ginger

INGREDIENTS & directions:



Juice the grapes & freeze the juice.

Freeze the berries. Peel the lime.

Grate the ginger, no need to peel it.

Freeze (or thaw) the juice until crystals form.

And while juice is still very, very cold, blend in the berries, lime & ginger.


You can add fresh mint!

You can leave out the lime & ginger.

You can use any color grapes & berries.

The grapes pretty much all taste... " sweet & grapey."

But the choice of berries can make each drink taste... "berry, berry different!"

You can vary the BLITZ thickness, depending on how much frozen fruit & juice ratios are used.

You can use mostly berries, less juice for an... "Eat-with-a-Spoon-Experience!"

Or you can use mostly juice, fewer berries for a "Drink-with-a-Straw-Experience!"

Blend & then drink immediately

for your... tickling-est, wild-est BLITZ!

The Wonderful WaterBerry Blitz!

FIRST, Definitions, for Fruit Drinks Exclusively

A "Juice Drink" is just that the juice of a fruit or the juices of more than 1 fruit mixed together, nothing else. Any juicer will do.

A "Smoothy" is a fruit juice blended with a soft fruit to make a "smooth and creamy and thick" beverage. Any fruit juice blended with any soft fruit is a "Smoothy." Any juicer, any blender will do.

A "Frosty" is a very cold fruit juice blended with a soft fruit that has been frozen to make The Hygienic Counterpart of a milkshake or float from the local Dairy Queen. The VITA-MIX is the best!




A "Blitz" is so wild, you could call it... "A FrostY with a Knockout Kick!" VITA-MIX it!

Below... "The Basic WaterBerry Blitz" Recipe!

the Variations are endless...

Vary amounts! vary fruit! vary kickers!

I am a "busy girl." And although I live alone, I plan ahead and make 2 VITA-MIX containers, freezing half in small, plastic containers for "on the go" beverage treats. And I leave half of it in a really cold-set refrigerator to treat myself over the upcoming 3 - 4 days. If you live alone, you may make a much smaller amount. So, set the amounts of ingredients you use accordingly. Watermelon can be very INEXPENSIVE; so it makes a great "base" to which you add other, more costly fruits with a high-taste kick! Watermelon juice oxidizes quickly: within hours of juicing, the juice is still tasty but has an oxidized taste. With this recipe, because of the other "high-kick" flavors you add, that oxidized taste is overpowered.

The "kickers" referred to include:

acid berries & oranges, lemon, lime & ginger.


The Champion to juice, The VITA-MIX to blend,

& a simple, little hand grater to shred the ginger.



I juice the watermelon, giving the rind,

in bite-sized pieces, to High as we go.

I peel the oranges & lemons (or limes).

I peel the mangoes, giving peels and pit to High when we're done.

And I grate the ginger, without peeling it.

I make 2 VITA-MIX containers, each filled with 1/2 seedless watermelon juice, 1 - 2 cups berries,

2 oranges, 1 lemon, 2 honey mangoes,

& 1/4 cup grated ginger.

To vary thickness, vary the amount of added fruit.

Blend & then drink immediately

for your... fresh-est, wild-est BLITZ!


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