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"WOWEEE! When it's hot, it's hot!" Even 60 miles from The Canadian Border in Skagit Valley, Washington, it gets HOT! And I know, from my travels, that it gets hotter, and often more humid, the further south one goes. Today, I have a fabulous, little Formula for you... "One Way to Beat The Heat!" Only a few things will refresh The Hot Hygienist like a Fabulous Fruit Freezy! Certainly... a drive in a convertible, if the air is not above 80°. Definitely a swim in the lake, if the water is not above 90°. Of course, a frolic in the sprinkler system, no matter what the temperature.

Now, in Hygiene, as taught by The Hopelessly Hard-Core, we are told to eat our food: "WHOLE! RAW! PLANT!" We are told that any preparation save for cleaning our whole, raw, plant food is not only a waste of time but that such preparation compromises the available nutrition from cell wall breakage

and consequent molecular derangement of the vitamins and minerals due to oxidation. I can't argue with that. But I can argue for The Health Seeker who is going to reach for a cold drink on a hot day, "Come hell or high water!" I can argue that such a Health Seeker, in need of refreshment, reach for a raw, wholesome drink, rather than a SAD beverage. It is for just such Health Seekers that I am concocting The Health Seekers' BeverageBook. For those millions upon millions of Health Seekers "out there" whom GetWellHStayWell, America! finds on The Web or from The Wagon. And for you, Dear GetWell Friends.

"The Fabulous Fruit Freezy Formula" is so obvious and so easy, it's almost ridiculous, that I should make such a big deal about it. But, just in case you have not already stumbled upon "The Formula" yourselves in your kitchens some past, hot, sleepy night, here it is:


"AHEAD OF TIME: Put homogenizer plate in your Champion attachment.

AHEAD OF TIME: Put Champion attachment & cutter into freezer.

AHEAD OF TIME: Cut up favorite, refreshing fruit & freeze it hard!


THEN: Assemble Champion & run frozen fruit through it.


EAT SLOWLY AND SAVOR the fabulous FREEZY! The ice-cold beverage seems to cool your "core temperature" like a dip in the lake and brings a real sense of refreshment! (Warning: For the severely ill and enervated persons with highly compromised digestive systems, such a dish may be ill-advised by their Hygienic doctors.)

Further... FABULOUS fruit freezy FORMULAS!

ð The Fruit Freezy could be called a "sorbet." But why give the French the credit? Let's Americanize this cool concoction! Try every fruit imaginable for your favorite flavors and consistencies! Sweet watermelon alone is like eating cold cotton candy!!! Try mixing 2 or more kinds of fruit for glorious, gorgeous, multi-tasty rainbows! The frozen banana adds a creaminess to The Fabulous Freezy unparalleled by any other fruit! Break Food Combining Rules, as you like. And get out dried fruit: whole pieces or minced, or soaked and blended into a thick sauce! Likewise, get out the nuts and seeds. And serve them whole or chopped or slivered or powdered! Observe Food Combining Rules, for ideal digestion. Serve any Freezy with lots of celery sticks and lettuce! Put the frozen fruit into delightful molds and freeze for an hour or more, then turn them out on a bed of lettuce and decorate. Go wild with whimsical garnishes. Make a "Fruit Float." Take your "Americanized sorbet," add a very small amount of juice, and blend the mix up. Serve with a smile, a spoon, and a straw! It's cool, too!


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