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Adam and Eve

Romaine, apples, figs, pistachio nuts, celery

On several leaves of romaine that have been arranged on plate to represent fig leaves, place a hollowed out apple. Dice a few washed figs, preferrable fresh, and mix with equal quantities of diced celery and apples. Mix with a dressing of choice. Lemon juice may be added for a tartness, if desired. Fill the apple. Sprinkle the top with pistachio (love) nuts.

Author's Note:This is quite a colorful salad and can be used at a luncheon when an annoucement of a wedding is made. Or it can be served to start off a romantic evening to be remembered. The fig and fig leaf figured prominently in Adam and Eve's affairs in The Garden for food, as well as clothing; the apple, a veritable Pandora's box to Adam and Eve, as well as their descendants; and the love nuts or pistachios represent Eve's "salad days when she was green in judgment."

Stuffed Alligator Pear

Lettuce, Haas avacado,

grapefruit, red and green bell peppers, grapes

Lay down a nest of shredded lettucce. Hollow out a half of a large-sized alligator pear (Haas avacado). Cut meat into cubes and mix with a few Tablespoons of orange juice. Refill the hollowed out half. Garnish top with sections of grapefruit. Sections are to radiate in a circle from center to edge of pear. Circle edges of delicacy all the way round with red and green pepper strips. Make a second concentric circle around the peppers with more grapefruit sections. Sprinkle seeded and halved grapes over the entire sald, like polka dots. Chef Stadelman, Radisson Hotel, Minneapolis

Lettuce Roll

Lettuce, raisins, dates, nuts, red pepper, lemon juice

Make a mixture of ground nuts, chopped seedless raisins, and lemon juice. Roll the mixture in fine lettuce leaves. Trim each and serve on bed of lettuce. Rolls are to be made uniform and rolled a trifle larger than center finger. Garnish top with half a date in center of each roll and two strips of red peppers on either side. Dressing of choice. Boston lettuce is an ideal, soft, delicate leaf to roll. Fancy toothpicks may be used to hold the Lettuce Rolls in place.



Okra, green and red peppers,

mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, purple onion, lettuce

Cut young okra pods in slices to show off the artistic symmetry of the tiny wheels inside. Mix steamed okra with shredded lettuce, diced mushrooms, quartered cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers, and minced onion. Add dressing of choice. Garnish with whole cherry tomatoes. Okra should be steamed just a little, just underdone. Or you may serve the okra raw if the slippery consistency pleases you. If using steamed okra, the mixing should be done very carefully so that the okra does not lose its shape.

Lady Windermere's Fan

Romaine, cucumbers, celery, asparagus, beets, green and red peppers, tomatoes

On a slice of romaine, shaped like a fan with connecting stem left intact, place equal quantities of shredded cucumbers, finely julienned celery, and chopped tomatoes mixed with a dressing of choice. Garnish with five spears of asparagus tips in a sort of fork shape with ends together at stem end of romaine and tips radiating outward toward opposite end. Garnish end of fan with shredded beets and chopped green and red peppers. Place a red pepper round at the end of the fan to symbolize the ring. Asparagus to be placed like two "V"s, one within the other, and the fifth stalk to be right on center all stem ends together or placed like ribs of a fan. Dollops of avocado well blended with a little orange juice could be placed at tips of asparagus tips, if desired. Dressing of choice.

Dear GetWell Friends, You get the idea! This book is so fanciful, so fun, so artistic, so gourmet, so inspiring, so historical, so appreciative, so Near-Pure Hygienic, so imaginative... I feel I have met a "similar spirit," in the most wholesome sense of the term, in the long departed Arnold Shircliffe. PRAISE GOD! This is the book I would have liked to have written. Just make good use of my "Substitution Instructions," getting rid of the cream cheese, olives and a few other toxic items when they occur. I don't mind giving away 18 recipes! After all, you are given 500! This book is definitely "one of a kind!"


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