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The GetWell StayWell Six-Week Natural Detox Program

to be used with... The Health Seekers' YearBook A Revolutionist's HandBook for Getting Well & Staying Well without The Medicine Men

Learn how to remove The Causes of Disease and to provide The Conditions for Health

through The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of Natural Hygiene.

Follow this 6 weeks program for Nerve Energy restoration, detoxification, repair & rejuvenation!

Dear & Sincere Health Seeker...

As a former teacher of English to high school students for 10 years, let me write to you as "a teacher to a student." Today, you are a student of how to GetWell and StayWell. I am your teacher of Natural Hygiene. And I have the most marvelous, fun, and correct textbook ever put into print to assist you in your Health Seeking!

This text is The Health Seekers' YearBook. The YearBook presents Natural Hygiene as... "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System." It is written for all who want to GetWell and StayWell without drug or doctor dependency. It has been written and published by the top promotress in world in The Pure Natural Hygiene Movement Victoria BidWell. It has been edited and endorsed by the top doctor in the world in The Pure Natural Hygiene Movement Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano. And it has found its way, now, into your hands. REJOICE! HELP IS HERE!!!

Victoria's The Health Seekers' YearBook used, in all sincerity and joy and self-discipline and perseverance will help you immeasurably, whether you are seriously ill with much from which to recover or in good health with just a few bad habits from which to get free. Of course, getting well after developing serious illness is a lengthy process, as the body needs time to replenish its Nerve Energy supplies, cleanse its fluids, and repair and restore its tissues. But especially if you just have the simple need to cut coffee out of your life, to quit the cigarettes once and for all, to rid yourself of the alcohol habit, or to stop eating foods you know to be unhealthful The Health Seekers' YearBook, used in conjunction with containing my few pages here of how to go about this process in a Six Week Natural Detox Program are really..."All You Need to Succeed!!!"

With this message of hope and health in mind, therefore, I as your teacher am urging you as my sincere student to first sit down and read The Health Seekers' YearBook in its entirety! (Bits and pieces will have to do if that's all you have time for right now, of course.) You will not find a cover-to-cover reading difficult, as the text has been laid out and designed graphically to invite you to keep turning the pages! To succeed most fully and fun-filled with the fires of inspiration fueling you as you enter this Six Week Natural Detox Program, you are assigned to #1... Read The YearBook front-to-back, #2... Take to heart the changes you need to make and reread those pages, highlighting and underlining, time and again, for support and encouragement and inspiration. People all over the United States are getting well and staying well without drug and doctor dependency and with Natural Hygiene. SO CAN YOU!!!