Assignment Prior to The Six-Week Natural Detox Program:

Assignment Prior to The Six-Week Natural Detox Program:

If time allows, read The Health Seekers' YearBook cover-to-cover. If time does not so allow, read the entire "Chapter One The Declaration of Health Independence." In particular, become well familiar with "The Energy Enhancers VS. The Energy Robbers" presented on page 17. The entire Six-Week Natural Detox Program is dependent on your being fully familiar with these 2 terms and the 10 living practices healthful or unhealthful, as the cases may be that are listed under each of these 2 categories.

General Guidelines to Keep in Mind as You Enter The 6-Week Natural Detox Program:

#1...Natural Hygiene presents a program of systematic cleansing of the bodily fluids blood, lymph, interstitial fluid, and intercellular fluid and a systematic detoxification and repair and restoration at the cellular level of the bodily tissues. This cleansing and detoxification by the body, for the body is the forté of Natural Hygiene! We recognize, as stated in "The Basic Tenets of Natural Hygiene" presented on page 14 of The YearBook... that health is maintained through natural, self-initiating and self-healing processes. And we recognize that... "the one cause of all disease is the toxic saturation at the cellular level of the bloodstream, fluids, and bodily tissues brought about by the depletion of Nerve Energy reserves through wrong living habits." The GetWell H StayWell Thrust of Natural Hygiene, therefore, is to undergo a systematic program of cleansing and detoxification at the cellular level and level of the bodily fluids. Natural Hygiene, thus, teaches you to minimize the forms of Endogenous Toxins and to eliminate the forms of Exogenous Toxins as presented on page 12 of The YearBook so that this cleansing and detoxification process can be expedited and the highest level of health possible can be restored! It is glorious knowledge that is now yours!!! And the whole program of how-to-do-it is neatly summarized as... "Embrace The Energy Enhancers & Abandon The Energy Robbers!"

#2...Once you have followed my teachings thus far, really, you could better write up your own Six Week Natural Detox Program tailor-made for your own particular life better than could I. Over a 6 week period, you could simply chart out which Energy Enhancers to embrace full-bore and instantaneously and which to ease into over the 6 weeks. In fact, it is my suggestion that you take this on as a 1/2 hour assignment right now: sit down with "The Energy Enhancers VS. The Energy Robbers" on page 17 in front of you, and chart out over a 6 week period what to do immediately and what to ease into gradually so that by the end of week 6 you have dropped all The Robbers and embraced all The Enhancers! There is your personalized program! But, because I know how much some of us like extra encouragement and guidelines, you will find my suggestions for such a program on the page to follow. Please keep in mind that you really should be gentle and loving and forgiving with yourself and tailor-make The Six-Week Natural Detox Program accordingly. (That is, you may need 12 weeks or 6 months to ease off all The Robbers and embrace all The Enhancers. And you may need to manipulate many of the contrived items and schedules I have provided to meet your own special needs and the depths of your own acquired addictions. Nevertheless and all-in-all, by the end of your successful adventure in Health Seeking, you will have abandoned The Robbers and will be living The Enhancers. And in doing so, you will be in the ongoing process of detoxification, and you will be experiencing higher and higher levels of health and happiness with all its concomitant direct and fringe benefits in all their gloriousness! It's not a bad way to go through life a life which, for you, will now just keep getting better and better.)

#3...GetWell StayWell, America! published, in July of 1991, a self-help book for The Sincere Natural Hygienist called Quit for Good How to Break a Bad Habit by Dr. Ralph C. Cinque. Quit for Good offers Health Seekers a 5 Step Program by which they can overcome a destructive habit (such as alcohol, nicotine, or unhealthful foods) in a way that is painless and certain to succeed. Quit for Good is a high level behavior modification program just for Hygienists. It can help you. You can obtain it, plus the audio tape and video to the book through GetWell immediately! I also highly recommend The Anonymous Programs and their 12 Steps. The Anonymous Programs provide spiritual/mental/emotional help when straight behavior modification and self-education are not quite enough. Now, on with The Six-Week Program.





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