The 10 Energy Enhancers via The Health Reports

The 10-Point Natural Hygiene Program Teaches Us How to GetWell & StayWell!

T.C. Fry Expanded The 10 Points into "The 22 Essentials of Health"

Dr. Shelton & Pioneering Hygienists Called Them: "The Basic Requisites of Life"

The Health Seekers' YearBook is a detailed teaching of The 10 Energy Enhancers!

Energy Enhancer #1... Cleanliness

Cleanliness is on 2 levels: External & Internal. External Cleanliness includes keeping the body and hair washed, the nails clean, and the teeth flossed and brushed. Internal Cleanliness means keeping the bodily fluids and tissues clean and free of toxic build-up. This is accomplished by avoiding Enervation and Toxemia. See Health Reports #1 - #3. Natural Hygiene is the only alternative health care system based on the systematic, physiological detoxification Cleanliness of the body. And this is why Natural Hygiene is termed: "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System!" Energy Enhancer #1 Cleanliness achieved through THE 6-WEEK GETWELLHSTAYWELL DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM is the topic of Health Report #4.

Energy Enhancer #2... Pure Air

Air is considered a "nutrient" to the body in The Hygienic System. Each pair of human lungs is made up of 1 billion tiny cells called "alveoli." We each inhale 130,000 cubic inches of air a day. The tiny air sac cells exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen continually. 125 barrels of blood a day flow through the lungs in this exchange. When the air is filled with poisons from pollution in any form, the foul air "robs" our Nerve Energy and lowers vitality. When the air we breathe is fresh and pure, it brings the possibility for more vital life to the body it "enhances" Nerve Energy supply.

Energy Enhancer #3... Pure Water

See Health Report #5 for Pure Air and #6 for Pure Water.Water, like air, is considered a "nutrient" to the body in The Hygienic System. The importance of Pure Water in The Hygienic System is not to be minimized! Health Report #6 is followed by the source for the best countertop home water distiller in America for the best price WATERWISE!

Energy Enhancer #4...

Adequate Rest & Sleep

In The Hygienic System, Adequate Rest and Sleep are so very important because it is during Rest, and primarily during Sleep, that Nerve Energy is regenerated and stored up. And it is only through a high Nerve Energy supply that bodily detoxification and healing take place: they are the very processes that build Superlative Health! The Health Seeker quite simply cannot GetWell and StayWell without securing Adequate Rest and Sleep! See Health Report #7. Get inspired to get more Sleep!



Energy Enhancer #5... The Ideal Diet

"The Ideal Diet" in The Hygienic System is formally defined as follows: "Fresh, wholesome, non-toxic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds in their uncooked, whole, natural state and eaten in modest amounts and proper combination, while in a state of Emotional Balance." See Health Report #8.

Energy Enhancer #6...

Adequate Sunshine & Natural Light

Sunlight is also considered a "nutrient" in The Hygienic System. It is important to take short sunbaths regularly, preferably in the early morning and late afternoon, and preferably bathing as much of the entire body as possible. It is also healthwise to avoid artificial lighting as much as possible. Since over-exposure to sunlight is the greatest aging-agent, second only to the lifetime habits of cigarette smoking and drug taking, it is important to keep the delicate tissues of the face shaded by a sun-visor. Many of us Hygienists attribute our youthful appearance to respecting and not abusing this one Energy Enhancer! See Health Report #9.

Energy Enhancer #7... Right Temperatures

It is important in The Hygienic System to avoid extremes in temperature, as they cause the body to react by wasting Nerve Energy while adapting to the extremes. Likewise, Hygienic doctors teach us to avoid very cold and very hot foods, as they waste Nerve Energy and can damage the delicate mucosal membranes of the digestive tract. See Health Report #10.

Energy Enhancer #8... Regular Exercise

The Hygienic System recommends a 3-pronged exercise program: Stretching, Aerobics, and Weight-training. See Health Report #11.

Energy Enhancers #9... Emotional Balance, Freedom from Addictions, High Self-Esteem, A Purposeful Life & Meaningful Goals

And #10... Nurturing Relationships

Energy Enhancers #9 and #10 are detailed in Chapter Three of The Health Seekers' YearBook and are discussed throughout The GetWellHStayWell Publications. Without these Energy Enhancers, practicing all the others becomes very difficult! As a Child of God, however, I believe ... "The HOLY Bible is the wisest and best source of information on Energy Enhancers #9 and #10." See Health Report #12.


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