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The Health Seekers' YearBook is worth its weight in gold! There is so much value, help, information, and inspiration in this one volume that can and will help people who want to improve themselves, day-by-day! It is truly a work of art, a workbook for "The Do-It-Yourselfer," and a beautiful book to put on the living room table to be seen and read everyday! Thank You, Victoria, for your labor of live. It is now up to the rest of us to get the word out by setting this book into the hands of every friend and loved one who will listen. Lois and Don Conklin in California

Dearest Victoria, The Health Seekers' YearBook is the undaunted product of the tremendous love in your heart and soul! It is one of the most inspiring pieces of literature I have ever had the pleasure to read! The sound of Hygienic Truth rings clear and true in every blessed page. The book moves me to tears, outrage, laughter, and joy as each page teaches me more about The Glorious Gift of Natural Hygiene. I unabashedly recommend that every American who wishes to live in the best possible health get a copy of The Health Seekers' YearBook and contribute in any way possible to help you continue to bring The Truth of Natural Hygiene to a sick and suffering America and Planet. All My Love, Richard Del Nero in New Jersey

You were right. IT IS A GREAT BOOK and one that I will pore over and will return to again and again. It is evident that you have experienced much of what you describe. You not only know what you are writing about, but you also communicate it beautifully. WHAT A WEALTH OF DATA! And what an enormous amount of work went into designing the attention getters, the type style of each subject, the graphics, the very fine illustrations, heady and pithy epithets, not to mention the continuity and smooth flow of 1 subject to the next, the economy of words, and even your skill in fitting 1 subject to a single page! I especially appreciate your efforts to convey in an objective, controlled, and scholarly manner both sides of controversial issues; your orderly progression in discussing principles, your organization of subjects to express the relation of 1 concept to the other and much, much more. Dr. Gertrude Dole in New York

Just a word of praise for your Health Seekers' YearBook. IT'S GREAT!!! I've been on the Fit for Life diet for the last 3 years. But now, I have just discovered through your YearBook that there is much more to "Pure Natural Hygiene!" Now I have your highly readable and enjoyable book to keep me on the right path to health. I know I'll never want to go back to The SAD Diet because of all I know through your writings! THANKS SO MUCH!!! David Lavalee in Conneticut

Victoria! I just can't sleep! It's now 2:00 A.M. I am so excited! I just sent you for 10 more YearBooks! When I get them, that will be 24 I have purchased from you in the last 8 months! I have completely, cover-to-cover, studied my personally autographed copy 3 times!!! I will never complete my study! I LIVE IN IT! I now find that I can sell these YearBooks like hotcakes! MY ENTHUSIASM SELLS THEM! For over 3 years, I have held 100 pounds off successfully with Hygiene! Don Barrett in Texas

As living by the teachings of The Holy Bible helps one to find and stay on the path to eternal happiness in heaven, so does The Health Seekers' YearBook direct one to temporal heaven on Earth, helping to create a healthy, happy, long life! The 2 ladies, Victoria BidWell and Doctor Vetrano, accomplished more in The YearBook than they aimed for! The YearBook is more than a handbook: it is "The True Natural Hygiene Bible!" I commend this book to all who seek health. Csaky Laszlo in CaliforniaHH

Dear, Dear Victoria, How can we ever thank you for the work you have done and continue to do!??? My husband Jim and our 2 sons, Quinn and Lincoln, and I count you with your Health Seekers' YearBook as one of the biggest blessings in our lives. We've joyfully watched TRUE HEALING MIRACLES occur in each of our bodies and minds! All 4 of us exuberantly share and teach everyone who's even slightly interested. THANK GOD THAT I GOT SO SICK AND MISERABLE THAT I FOUND NATURAL HYGIENE AND YOUR YEARBOOK! Leigh Sills in Oklahoma

One of the important missions of GetWell is to help people understand that carrying on as we are is not an option if we want to be well and joyful! Victoria has come to the forefront with her Vision of Health for The American People. Victoria steps across the battleline in full armor (Our Modern Day Joan of Arc) holding high her great sword of knowledge (The Laws of Natural Hygiene) written into her awesome publication, The Health Seekers' YearBook The Bible of Hygienic Truth!!! We will rally behind this professional American Educator. Two American Health Revolutionists Irvin and Nadine Mannes in California

I'm amazed at how you have turned each page into a work of art! The graphics, phrasing, instruction The Joy & Spirit for Life all on each page! THE PROBLEM FOR ME IS just PUTTING IT DOWN! Pamela Drake in Washington

The wonderful YearBook arrived Thursday, and I became so engrossed in it that evening that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning! I JUST COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!!! It is so comprehensive and easy to read, even for this Senior Citizen of 88 years! I am having fun trying out all the menus and recipes. Marion DeGenaro in Ohio

THE HEALTH SEEKERS' YEARBOOK IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL FOR THE INCITING OF A REAL, UNIVERSAL HEALTH REVOLUTION SINCE DR. SHELTON'S LANDMARK BOOK... HUMAN LIFE! Not since then has there been a publication that literally shouts from the housetops for a meaningful, National Health Revolution as does The YearBook! And, as if the incendiary contents were not enough... the format, quality, appearance, perfectionistic printing, the English-teacher-meticulousness, and over-all eye-appeal of The YearBook is State of The Art! At present, I'm reading and studying this encyclopedic work. And one of the most poignant and heart-retching parts is the true story of Victoria's mother. I'm sure every household in America has seen someone die painfully, tragically, and needlessly as her mother did. My question is... "How long must this go on?" Now armed with The YearBook, we can fight back! We can openly... "Declare our Health Independence from ALL of The Disease Industrialists!" just as Victoria so clearly teaches us to do. Wm. Lloyd in North Carolina

Dear Victoria, The Health Seekers' YearBook is so very wonderful! Of the 30 copies I have ordered, I have sent one to everyone in my family and to my friends. And they all are enjoying their copies so! Margaret Porcellini in Missouri

AT LAST! ALL THE INFORMATION THE HEALTH SEEKER NEEDS IN ONE PLACE! For years, I had to search and collect so many publications, books, and magazines on Natural Hygiene to make my health better. Now, here is The Good News the ill person needs to "GetWell!" ALL IN ONE SOURCE! When The YearBook arrived, I read til far into the next morning. I knew it would be good when I ordered it. But this is really what we who are on the path needed to convince others that we are not just crackpots on the fringe! OH! That I had the resouces! I would stand on the street corners and give them away from my red, white, and blue soapbox! I shipped all 12 in my first order except my personal one off to my sick relatives already. Please find enclosed a modest order for 12 more! Health Revolutionist Paul DeVaux in California

Dear Victoria, Received The Health Seekers' YearBook and your little notes and gifts. This book was created with love and will be nourished with the same. The intelligence and creativity in this book are unbelievably inspiring! You are a dynamite leader and someday will be placed alongside of Dr. Shelton as a contemporary power and motivating force that has helped change not only the health care of America but of the entire world! I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE YEARBOOK THAT I JUST CANNOT EXPRESS MYSELF! Lawrence Patrick in Texas

I find The Health Seekers' YearBook so complete in all details that all Life Science Students should add it to their course of studies. As a True Health Seeker, I am convinced that there is no better way for me to spend my money in the promotion of better health among my loved ones than in giving this book to them. James Carroll in Tennessee

WHAT A HANDBOOK! From the front cover onward, Miss BidWell helps you GetWell and SeeWell! SO COLORFUL ILLUSTRATIVE CONCISE EDUCATING THOUGH-PROVOKING SIMPLE EXCITING CHALLENGING USEFUL REFRESHING!!! I could go on and on!!! The planning and succession of pages and chapters build on the sobriety of Natural Hygiene at its PUREST as "The Superlative Alternative!" The inside of the back cover finally culminates with that very theme as the medicine bag of "Dr. Sick" overflows with money while the UnMedicine Bag of "Dr. GetWell" overflows with fresh, ripe, glorious fruits and vegetables! I SAY: "GOD BLESS VICTORIA BIDWELL'S EFFORTS AND HER GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT YET! AMERICA! WAKE UP, AT LAST!" I am immediately ordering 40 more copies to show my friends. Each gets a few days to decide if he wants to buy a brand-new one. Then it gets passed along its "GetWellHStayWell Journey!" Nick Ceraolo in New Jersey

After 40 years as a medical doctor, I now realize I was taught the wrong way to treat patients and that Natural Hygiene via The Health Seekers' YearBook is the only way to go! Dr. John Powell in North Carolina

I've not seen a better, more inspiring book than The Health Seekers' YearBook! FABULOUS! MARVELOUS! WHEW! After dipping in here and there into other Hygienic literature, I finally came upon The YearBook. It has left me breathless and speechless! ALL my questions are now answered it's the best tome since The Bible!!! I'm completely flabbergasted! Please send me 10 more copies to pass along my way! Peg Liljigren in Washington

Thank You, Victoria, for your wonderful YearBook! Your teachings are so logical! Our family and home life is much more happy, joyful, and loving with your teachings and since I turned our kitchen into a "Real Victory Kitchen!" I am blessed to have this information to pass on to our 2 girls they are doing so much better in school! The YearBook gets passed around like a newborn baby! How we perform as individuals will determine how we perform as a Nation. I, for one, want to serve as a Health Revolutionist and help ServeWell our Nation!!! Florence Bernardy in Maryland



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