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satisfying literature I have yet found on Natural Hygiene1 I GREATLY APPRECIATE THE EFFORT YOU HAVE OBVIOUSLY EXPENDED TOWARD THIS QUALITY MASTERPIECE! Thank you for your contributions to my life and to the rest of humanity. Your contributions to The Planet will eventually rival those of Dr. Shelton's. Dr. Robert Wyman in California

I am 85 years old, and I treasure your Health Seekers' YearBook, edited by Dr. Vetrano! I started with peace in my heart that at last I have the teachings I need to be able to eat the right combinations. I especially enjoy all your stories and quotes throughout the book. Katherine Shelton in Texas

When I bought the yearbook, I was saying to myself, "What am I buying this for? I already have the 20 volume Health Reporters, all of T.C. Fry works, Dr. Shelton's Superior Nutrition. I have watched all of the videos, read most of the books!?!?" I was afraid I was throwing my money away on things I already knew. SURPRISE OF SURPRISES! There was a great deal in your YearBook I didn't know and had not even thought of! It is a great book, as evidenced by my purchases of over 50 copies this year to resell at health fairs! You are a genius, right up there with Drs. Shelton and Vetrano! Phyllis Avery in California

Dear Victoria, Thank You for meeting me at The Bart Station so that I could purchase a box of your wonderful YearBooks. It may interest you to know that I mailed copies of your YearBooks to my family in Israel and that your inspiring work can be shared on the other side of the world! Please keep up the good work. If you promote The YearBook with the enthusiasm and energy you radiate in person, I am sure it will be the breakthrough that Natural Hygiene needs! Jake Novak in Texas.

Dear Victoria, The more times I go through The YearBook, the more I love it! My family all went nuts, fruits, and veggies over it! THANK YOU! Laura Meacham in Montana

For those who want to take responsibility for their health both mental and physical The Health Seekers' YearBook is just bulging with positive pointers and powerful pushes. It teaches both intellectually and emotionally, motivating one to improve her health and that of this planet! THANK YOU, VICTORIA! THIS IS A REAL VICTORY! Mary McKisson in Texas


Opening The YearBook to any page is like diving straight into "The Crystal-Clean Ocean of Pure Natural Hygiene! It provides a warm, supportive environment. Even after the shortest dip into this vast pool of sparking, pure knowledge and information my inspiration, motivation, and determination are renewed and fortified! The Health Seekers' YearBook is a... "Treasure beyond Measure!" Ronn Gladwin in Oklahoma

The layout, the eye-appeal, and the printing of The Health Seekers' YearBook are just as great as The Natural Hygiene Teachings are PURE! Frank Wilson in California

The YearBook is a jewel! This gem is motivating me already!! In fact, I have stopped watching television since it arrived, after reading "The Four Arguments for The Elimination of Television." Now my house looks cleaner, and I have so much more time for everything that is really so very much more important! Please send 9 more copies for my sickly friends. Aida Suarez in New York

I had been following a 75% to 90% "Live-Foods Diet" for 5 years, and I thought I knew all I needed to know about Natural Hygiene. But Victoria BidWell's YearBook cleared up many misunderstandings for me. Page 161 made me realize I was "A Compulsive Overeater," even though I have never had a weight problem. The chapter on EMOTIONAL BALANCE helped me deal with the stress of my life so much more effectively that I have put my life in much better order! Susan Jorg in Oregon

Dear Victoria, You are indeed a marvel! Mrs. Burrell and I are the proud owners of 10 grandchildren. None are married to date, but most of whom are eligible. We can think of no greater or more worthwhile gifts on their wedding days than would be copies of your wonderful Health Seekers' YearBook. It would always be available to challenge them to strive to live more healthfully and in the memory of their doting grandparents. Enclosed is our check to cover 20 more copies of the wonderful YearBooks. Life Science Graduates, The Lawrence Burrells in Oklahoma HH

T.C. Fry's amazing endorsement of your book, The Health Seekers' YearBook, was the overwhelming factor causing me to invest my money in yet another book on health. And what is my conclusion? THE BOOK IS TERRIFIC! It is the most clarifying, simplifying, and yet penetrating and



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