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Natural Hygiene, throughout its history, has attracted and inspired unique and special individuals to rise to the very summit of human performance. Most certainly, Victoria BidWell is one of those unique and special individuals who has burst upon The Natural Hygiene Scene with unprecedented performance! Miss BidWell's determination to show all the wisdom of Natural Hygiene across The Land at the grassroots level remains unmatched. The lady and teacher not only displays an indomitable spirit of conviction, but also, an untiring determination to mobilize all her creative energies into innovative tools which carry "The Message of Natural Hygiene." The Natural Hygiene (Health Seekers') YearBook and The GetWellHGrassRoots Victory Wagon are just two of her many ideas to get "The Message of Natural Hygiene" out to the public in her special approach! Endorsed by... Dr. David Scott, Director of Scott's Natural Health Institute, Strongsville, Ohio. Call: (440) 238-6930.

After 1 year of editing and re-editing of The Health Seekers' YearBook, it now rates my full endorsement for Hygienic accuracy and honesty throughout. It is written in a joyful, powerful style. Victoria's exposés are strong, if not stronger than those of Dr. Shelton! Endorsed by... Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano, Barksdale, Texas.

Your book on GetWellHStayWell, America! to say the least, is a classic, and the result of much study, compiling of truthful information, and many hours of diligent work. This book should be a part of student study, beginning in the lower grades, and going up through high school. What a change this would make on the future people of the world! "Thank You!" And I salute you for your dedicated efforts! Endorsed by... Dr. Gerald Benesh, Escondido, California.

I think that both the novice, as well as the well-informed Natural Hygienist will find The Health Seekers' YearBook a useful and informative compendium of sprightly, stimulating, and valuable directions for enhancing health. A Great Nudge for any Health Seeker! Endorsed by... Dr. William Esser, Esser's Health Ranch, Lake Worth, Florida. Call: (407) 965-4360.

The Health Seekers' YearBook has 3 things in its favor: It is easy to read. It lays out The Principles and Practices of Natural Hygiene so that even a teenager can grasp them. And it has lots of personal stories and anecdotes that can help a newcomer to venture down The Road to Natural Hygiene. Last but not least and actually my favourite part of The YearBook is "The Year in Ideal Food for Thought." The 365 quotations for each day of the year are both uplifting and encouraging for new and old-timers, like me! This book is a thorough and comprehensive scripture of Natural Hygiene. I hope it sells well and helps millions to regain sanity in their lives. Endorsed by... Dr. Keki Sidhwa, President of The British Natural Hygiene Society, England, United Kingdom.


The Health Seekers' YearBook is the most comprehensive work ever accomplished in Natural Hygiene but most importantly, it is the most practical Hygienic work ever done! Hygiene starts in the mind. You have to learn to think Hygienically before you can live Hygienically. This book trains the reader to do just that think Hygienically. This is "A How to Do-It-Yourself Manual" if there ever were one! Endorsed by... Dr. Ralph Cinque in Buda, Texas.

I consider The YearBook excellent reading. It's definitely a study book, with easy to understand material on how to maintain vibrant health. Victoria, you are to be complemented for providing this creative and revolutionary answer to the question: "What Ails Our People?!?!" Endorsed by... Joe Aaron, Former President of The Canadian Hygiene Society.

BRAVO! VICTORIA! If a Hygienist could have only one book to show friends or loved ones in the hopes of successfully introducing them to Healthful Living through Natural Hygiene, The Health Seekers' YearBook would be the best choice I can imagine! Endorsed by Dr. Douglas Graham, Club Hygiene, Marathon, Florida.

Your YearBook is a comprehensive coverage of Natural Hygiene in its physical, mental, psychological, and psycho-spiritual aspects. It is written in an enthusiastic, inspirational style, which makes for delightful reading and study. "The Year in Live-Food Menus" for the entire year was a superb ideas! Victoria has simplified a vast subject and put its most important features into a single volume - a formidable task. This book is just what The Natural Hygiene Movement has been needing! I am recommending The Health Seekers' Yearbook to all my patients and friends. Endorsed by Dr Stanley Bass, Brooklyn, New York.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE THE ESSENCE OF MY $1500 COURSE FOR THE RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE OF A MERE $55??? Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of Natural Hygiene, I cannot think of a more comprehensive handbook or a better guide to the philosophy, principles, and practices of health than The Health Seekers' Yearbook - finally, we have "The Hygienic Bible" to offer Health Seekers and Veteran Hygienists, alike! Dr. Vetrano was so betaken by the thoroughgoing and practical and readable, entertaining nature of Victoria's magnum opum that she undertook to edit the entire YearBook - to Hygienize it! The masterful result of this fruitful collaboration is an impeccable presentation that yields lay persons sterling guidance in The Art and Science of Pure Natural Hygiene. Endorsed by T.C. Fry, Producer of The 106-Lesson Correspondence Course on Natural Hygiene that sells for $1500.00

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