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Up until the sudden appearance of Common Sense in 1776, the concept of "American Freedom" had existed virtually subconsciously as an unarticulated, unexpressed strain of political radicalism and as a component of the over-zealous, evangelical, religious mind. Yes, much discontent and much begrudging of The Mother Country existed in the colonists' minds. But no one had openly, publically challenged the view, with both reason and emotionalism, that the British Constitution, with its balance between monarch, Lords and Commons, was the most perfect system of government in the world! With Common Sense, Thomas Paine literally transformed "The Collective American Consciousness" into Freedom-Lovers and Freedom-Fighters!! (Or perhaps you could say he brought to the surface an awareness of what the colonists really wanted and hadn't quite recognized yet!) Just think of it, GetWellHFriends! Just think what 150,000 copies of Common Sense did! Circulated among just a few million Americans ready and willing to be set free Common Sense turned farmers into soldiers and their cause for American Freedom into VICTORY!

THIS BOOK IS MANNA FROM HEAVEN! After reading Victoria BidWell's The Health Seekers' YearBook, I just sat in awe of its great power! A mighty talent among us has produced a powerful work at just the right historical juncture. It is just what is needed to push The American Health Revolution a giant step forward! Victoria BidWell, with her flair for language, organizational skill, and her knowledge, has produced a magnificent book that will be a landmark from whence The American Natural Hygiene GrassRoots Movement will get started. Millions of people are ready for Natural Hygiene's revolutionary ideas about health, disease, and healing. Most of the people in our Country are over-fed, malnourished, over-stimulated, and chronically poisoned. The thoughtful and open-minded among them are seeking a way out of their enervating and crippling lifestyles. Now we have an all-encompassing, comprehensive presentation of Natural Hygiene in one fine volume for these very people.

BREAK WITH YOUR MEDICAL MENTALITY! Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote: "The knowledge about health, disease, and healing is so simply and easily understood that if given straight to the people, it would do away with so many vested interests that it would bring on chaos." If the knowledge about health, disease, and healing is so easily understood, then why have so few grasped it? All of us since early childhood have been conditioned by misinformation about the body that has led to our developing a treatment-mentality and a cure-psychology. This is what goes to make up what Victoria called "The Medical Mentality." She correctly points out: "The only way 'The Health Seeker' can declare "Health Independence' and claim freedom from medicine is to give up 'The Medical Mentality' and take up self-responsibility." The Health Seekers' YearBook shows you how to get rid of your "Medical Mentality" in the most masterful way, and that's the real nitty-gritty of Natural Hygiene. When the bodily needs are met in Natural Hygiene living, it naturally knows how to function for its own self-preservation and always works toward perfection. This is a revolutionary way of thinking about the body! In The YearBook, Victoria boldly brands a group of Americans "The Disease Industrialists." They are those who profit from sickness, and they are in the forefront of scare-mongering about disease and peddling misinformation about it. These sickness profiteers present the body as a fallible contraption that constantly malfunctions and has to be treated. In order to sell their treatments and poisonous drugs, The Disease Industrialists have to dissuade you about the true nature of the human organism especially its self-constructing, self-regulating, and self-healing capacities.

A GIANT STEP FOR THE HEALTH REVOLUTION! The Health Seekers'YearBook is an Hygienic Masterpiece. It is True Hygiene without compromises found in so much other Hygienic literature. And there is something in if for everyone! It is a good composite of 3 areas of Natural Hygiene: (1) Philosophy, theory, and principles; (2) Historical background and development; and (3) Much practical information about food, diet, and lifestyle. This book is a gold mine of knowledge and practical information that all Hygienists, Natural Hygiene teachers, and those aspiring to be teachers should have and use. The Health Seekers' YearBook will inspire The American People to make revolutionary changes the same as Common Sense did for The People of the 1776 American Revolution! Victoria BidWell bids fair to become the Thomas Paine of The Great American Health Revolution!

Frieda Kabelac-Ireland, Former Board Member of The Former American Natural Hygiene Society

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