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T.C. Fry Reviews The Health Seekers' YearBook & Asks...

"HOW WOULD YOU like to have the essence

of my $1,500.oo for the ridiculously low price of a mere... $55.oo?"

In 1974, I conceived and outlined a number of lessons to bring the science of health to our people. In 1981, I started creating those lessons which became famous by virtue of the best seller, Fit for Life, written by 2 of its most illustrious graduates, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. In 1983, I engaged Victoria BidWell to help me administer The Life Science Health System, a course in the nutritional and health sciences. More particularly, she was engaged to evaluate and grade student test papers, as well as write articles for my publications. A few years of earning her living working with Natural Hygiene and diligent self-study has excellently qualified Victoria BidWell to become one of our most illuminating educators and spokespersons in The World of Natural Hygiene, this day.

Although Victoria has published several books on Pure Hygiene in the last 6 years, she will long be remembered and appreciated for her most grand publication: a huge, 464-page volume of oversized pages that should be called "an encyclopedia." Appropriately named "The Health Seekers' YearBook," this is a complete traversal of Natural Hygiene that touches bases with every important concept in The Hygienic System. Victoria has called this mighty tome a "yearbook" because it presents a program for living healthfully throughout every day of the year. And, because of its immense practicality as a "do-it-yourself" approach to living Hygienically, she has subtitled it a "handbook." Actually, The Health Seekers' YearBook A Revolutionist's Handbook for Getting Well and Staying Well without The Medicine Men is a complete and comprehensive health library in a single volume.

While I take great pride in The Life Science Health System which I have been instrumental in creating, it does not affront me a bit to welcome Victoria to the ranks of those who are fighting the battle against disease and suffering with the mightiest weapon ever The simple Truth! In fact, Victoria has put far more into this single volume than could be gleaned from the Life Science course and its texts at a single sitting! She has gone to every Hygienic practitioner of note in this day for guidance and contributions to her giant compendium. And she has gone to some very rare, Hygienic literature to present vignettes and insights from the pioneers of Natural Hygiene that encapsulate and exemplify "The Whole Hygienic Truth and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth." As Hygienists, we know full well that this science has been effectively suppressed in this century, much to the suffering of The American People. The Diamonds got the people "off the fence" with Fit for Life. But Miss BidWell's Health Seekers' YearBook will take them straight into the forefront of The True Science of Natural Hygiene. Furthermore, Miss BidWell's unique talent for spotting quotable material in a sea of words brings us a wealth of illustrative quotations, as she affords us insights, rationales, and guidelines that are applicable in virtually all aspects of getting well and staying well that beset Health Seekers.


Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano was so betaken by the thoroughgoing and practical and readable, entertaining nature of Victoria's magna opum that she undertook to edit the entire YearBook to Hygienize it with her stamp of purity. The masterful result of this fruitful collaboration is an impeccable presentation that yields lay persons sterling guidance in The Art and Science of Getting Well and Staying Well without The Medicine Men. I've already been reproached for "giving Victoria too much assistance at the expense of Life Science." Still, I feel neither jealous nor that Life Science has been slighted one bit! Our mission is to spread the beneficent message of Natural Hygiene as fast and as far as we can. We need all the help we can get. Rather than feel that Victoria is stealing my thunder, I congratulate her as yet another dedicated general in The Health Revolution to end ignorance, suffering, and premature death. Natural Hygiene is a grassroots movement that needs The Health Seekers' YearBook! I want to see its exalting message spread its wonders across America! I am happy that Victoria is devoting her enormous talent to the colossal task of further inflaming A Health Revolutionist's Spirit and inspiring A Health Revolutionist's Mentality into The American People. With Dr. Vetrano's editing throughout The YearBook, we now have the finest piece of Hygienic literature history has yet to offer!


Though this is my 20th year devoted to studying and promoting Natural Hygiene, I read this book with avid excitement, staying up until the wee hours of the morning on some occasions. Because of the way Victoria has designed, laid out, and illustrated The Health Seekers' YearBook, it was easy reading, engrossing, and entertaining. I read The YearBook with awe and have made it a part of the Life Science Health System for 3 reasons:

#1. For me, it was a wonderful review and refresher course: Victoria has thought of everything!

#2. Victoria has uncovered so much fascinating material from the original and pioneering Hygienic giants that I was continually enriched with new perspectives as I read the entire 464-page text!

#3. Victoria is a thinker and a master teacher. And she has added much of her own, original thought and personal suggestions that make Natural Hygiene simpler and easier and more enjoyable to apply.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of Natural Hygiene, I cannot think of a more comprehensive handbook or a better guide to the philosophy, principles, and practices of health than The Health Seekers' YearBook. Finally, we have "The Hygienic Bible" to offer Health Seekers and Genuine Hygienists, alike! (Written in 1990)


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