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Victoria is strong on effervescence, and she is A True Health Crusader and Patriot. But she is still struggling to be A Perfect Hygienist. She still has many conditioned reflexes which she has to eliminate and replace with good ones. In the production of this book, she worked way into the morning hours: writing, making menus, researching, studying, doing the graphics, and in short not getting enough rest and sleep for five years. She still struggles with her weight, and she does not always get to exercise. Actually, she is no different from any of you out there who decide to leave the conventional way of life with all its so-called "good food" and "happy times." Most find it difficult to substitute the exciting, conventional way of life for what at first seems dull and lacking in flavor and fun. Because Victoria, herself, is going through this transition and because she has searched out creative ways to make herself live and eat Hygienically, you are reaping the enormous benefits through her teachings!

I have always been inspired by the wonderful world of Hygiene, itself. But after reading "Chapter Twelve The Health Seekers' Heritage" of Miss BidWell's YearBook, I was reimbued with enthusiasm! My determination was renewed to help educate the millions to fight for their own, personal Health Revolutions! Victoria gives a year by year timeline accounting of that with which the early Hygienists had to contend in their efforts to spread Natural Hygiene, and she shows how willing they were to work hard to educate the public into more healthful ways. Fortunately, in that day and age of the 1880s, the populace was ready for a revolution. And a real revolution they had! You will learn that at one time there were more doctors using Hygiene than medication! Hygienists owned and ran famous, huge sanitariums, as large as modern day hospitals, to which people flocked from all over the world to get well under Hygienic guidance.

Victoria was happy as an English teacher, but she always felt she would someday be teaching something that would give her the fullest of satisfaction. In presenting accurate Hygiene for The American People and Health Seekers Everywhere, she has found her calling. I am delighted that a former school teacher and a serious student of Natural Hygiene could put such a book together, and make it interesting, yet still teach The Full, Hygienic Truth! Perhaps, only a good teacher could do that. When you finish this book, you will realize that Natural Hygiene is... "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System, Whose Time Has Finally Come Once Again!"


From the beginning to the end, Miss BidWell writes with "The Pen of a Revolutionary Dramatist!" She captures you with her enthusiasm and fervor! And she takes you by the hand to help you through some very important definitions and basic principles of Natural Hygiene. Being a yearbook, it is not too detailed; yet it is detailed enough for you to learn that Hygiene is not all diet. You will learn enough about "The Energy Enhancers" of Cleanliness, Pure Air, Pure Water, Adequate Rest and Sleep, Right Temperatures, Sunbaths, and all other important elements of Hygiene to feel confident in making great changes in your health program the minute you finish reading the very first chapter! You will come to fully appreciate "The Superlative Alternative." And you will learn how to start your own Hygienic revolution in your own home. Finally, you will discover it is not so difficult, after all, to leave your old, disease-producing way of life below and step up into the higher planes of health and happiness.

The Health Seekers' YearBook is destined to bring great numbers of people straight into The Truth of Natural Hygiene and to keep them there: eventually, it will lead them even further into a complete, Hygienic lifestyle. If The YearBook readers have accidents or become ill, they will have enough knowledge to seek health by Hygienic means only. This book, placed in the hands of members of The Suffering Class and its principles conscientiously applied, could save countless millions from the miseries of disease and from "The Medicine Men" and their enervating and costly treatments. So viewed, this Revolutionist's HandBook is also a money-saver and a life-saver!

There are loads of other grand things in this book! If I told you about them all, you would have no surprises. I would spoil the book for you. But before I finish, I must mention again the quotes from Hygiene-minded pioneers in Chapter Thirteen's "The Year in Ideal Food for Thought." The daily quotes are thought-provoking, succinct statements for each day of the year, which if you read one every morning will inspire you and keep you thinking Hygienically all day . With the help of this book, now you can finally pull yourself out the dark, dank, dingy dungeon wherein dwell members of The Suffering Class of America. Now you can rise up into the loving, radiant, sunny splendor of Superlative Health! As Editor of The Health Seekers' YearBook, I welcome you to join us in The Great GetWell American Health Revival and Revolution throughout The 1990s and into The New Millennium!

Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano... Signed on July 4th, 1989


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