Written on September 3rd, 1999

"You Can't Be A Beacon if Your Light Don't Shine!"

(Famous lyric from an old, American, country-gospel song!)

Today, I Call Upon You... "Be a Beacon! Let Your Light Shine!"

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  Today, I Take My Stand for...

The Great American Health

Revolution & Its Rippling Out

to Help All People of All Nations!


Spending Time in The Healing Beauty & Inspirational & Glorious Splendor of Nature & Natural Wilderness!


Motivating All People to Seek a Deeper Knowledge of & Appreciation for Our Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Bodies & How They Function!


Teaching The Truth: that Our Marvelously Made Bodies Are Self-Healing & Self-Maintaining if We Will Remove The Causes of Disease & Provide The Conditions for Health!


Learning about the Processes of Revitalization, Detoxification, Repair, Renewal & Rejuvenation!


Breathing Pure Air & for Drinking Pure Water & for Taking Sunbaths!


Respecting Our Natural, Bodily Needs for Rest & Sleep & for Not Burning Our Candles at Both Ends!

for... Eating Only When Genuinely Hungry!


Eating Lots & Lots more (or all) fruits & veggies & Lots & Lots Less (or none) of Foods Proven to Be Low in Nutrition & Highin the Contribution to Toxicity & Disease.



"Eating It RAW!" & for...

Getting Educated in Exactly How Much Nutrition Is Lost to UsWhen We Cook the Fruits & Veggies!

for... "Doing It Outdoors!" for Spending Time in "The Great Out-doors!" for... "A Return to Nature!" for... "At Least Equal Time in Nature as with the Television!" for... "Learning Lessons in Wonderment & Simplicity & Recourcefulness from Nature!"


Learning to Love The Animals & for Spending Time with The Animals & for Learning from The Animals!


Going Back to Our Childhood Loves that Kept Us Alive! Active! Excited! Fun to Be Around! & Adventurous!


Achieving the Full Range of Motion of All Our Joints & for Building Muscles, Strong & Supple & Servicable!

for... "Loving One Another!" for.. Creating Supportive & Loving Relationships with Ourselves & with Others!"

for... "Self Challenge!" & for...Not Getting Too Comfortable! "Keep M-o-v-i-n-g!"

f or...

Successful Seeking of Superlative Health & for...Tremendous, Playful Joy for All!


All of Us Realizing that We Are Children of God & that God Has a Plan for Each of Our

Lives & for Strength to Rise to that Calling!

(As the song continues: "There's a Little Light in All of Us, By God's Great Design.")


Inspiration for... "God, Health & Country!" Page27