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Dr. J.H. Tilden was a Primary Pioneer in The Natural Hygiene Revolution.

1900 - 1940... Dr. J.H. Tilden, after reading the 19th century Hygienists thoroughly, becomes convinced that life could be lived so as not to build disease: he becomes the early 20th century health crusader for Natural Hygiene. Tilden conducts a private practice based on teaching the patient to eliminate bodily toxicity. During these years, Tilden also publishes a widely circulated monthly magazine, writes 25 books, and lectures. The magazine is widely circulated at home and abroad. From 1924 - 1940, Tilden operates a Hygienic school and a sanitarium in Colorado. In 1926, Tilden publishes the book Toxemia Explained, which clearly identifies the "one cause of all disease" as Toxemia brought on by enervating, unhealthful living choices. All the while, Tilden's medicine men contemporaries honored him with their strongest opposition and condemnation...

Toxemia Explained today remains a landmark and foundational book for Natural Hygiene. And interestingly enough, it was written by a Christian! I urge each of you to order this book from the GetWellHStayWell, America! offerings: the spiritual pen with which Dr. Tilden writes is uplifting. He was, in fact, far, far ahead of his times as he puts the blame for most people's illness not on wrong diet, as most do today, but on violations of The 10th Commandment of Health: Emotional UnBalance. He warns his readers over and over to avoid the negative emotions. It is fascinating, for just in the last decade, modern science has found its new frontier in "psychoneuroimmunology." This is a newly designated field of study that is proving our "sense of life," our thoughts, our moods, our feelings have the power to directly effect how every cell in our body functions through their precipitating the release of neurotransmitters that travel via the nervous system or the bloodstream in split seconds. We will explore this subject in future newsletters. Suffice it to say here that Dr. Tilden did not underestimate the power of our thoughts, moods, and feelings to directly effect the quality of our health. In short, Dr. Tilden was well aware of the non-material, the spiritual realm and how that realm affects our health.

Let me share with you a short review of Toxemia Explained so that you find time to study it! Toxemia Explained is Tilden's most famous book: It stands as an all-time classic for the serious Hygienist. Toxemia Explained clearly identifies "The One Cause of All Disease" as Toxemia brought on by enervating, unhealthful living choices. This book is more powerfully written than many modern day Hygienic books for he emphasizes the mental, emotional, spiritual side of health and does not merely give lip services to "Emotional Balance." In fact, he identifies "the killing emotions" as far more hazardous to your health than the wrong foods! Written in the style of his day, his colorful use of now-archaic language and his graphic descriptions of how people live their lives versus how they ought makes the book a literary joy to behold, as well as the most useful, definitive statement on why we get sick and on how to GetWell!


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