Ode to An American Health Revolutionist


Ode to An American Health Revolutionist,

In Our Great Land,

When You tread through their bouts,

Your Heart, does it ache? Yes, does it reach out?

Do You just want to shout...

When The People go about, living so sick and so SAD?

Can you cast out every doubt,

That You have "The Truth Only" for clout,

While they go the wrong route, sinking so quick and so bad?

Then, You Are... An American Health Evolutionist!

And in Our Great Land,

When you step through their fears,

Your Heart, does it weep? Yes, does it shed tears?

Do you just want to rear...

When The People reflect, living The Medical Mentality?

Can you stand near and revere,

That You hold up The Mirror of Hygiene, so dear,

While you shine light on how they have lost pure sanity in its totality?

Then, You Are... An American Health Solutionist!

And, in Our Great Land,

When you touch through their needs,

Your Heart, does it love? Yes, does it bleed?

Do you just want to lead...

When The People seek, living so broken and ashen?

Can you rise to the deed,

That you plant healing not worsening weeds,

While you sow "The Seeds of Wellness" with Fiery Compassion?

Then, You Are...

An American Health Revolutionist!

  An "ODE" a lyric poem, typically with an irregular, metrical form and expressing exalted and enthusiastic emotion; can be expressed in song and tune form, as well


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