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Dear GetWell Friends, New & Veterans, Alike . . .

Like Martin Luther King who led a God-inspired revolution to free The People from racist thinking... "I, Too, Have a Dream . . ."wherein you and I lead a God-inspired revolution to teach The People how to free themselves from The Disease Industrialists and The Medical Mentality! Like Martin Luther King who in the name of "God and Country" excited The People to stand up for righteousness... "I, Too, Have a Dream..." wherein you and I excite The People to stand up for Hygienic Righteousness! Like Martin Luther King who had been "up to the mountain top," I, too, like many of you, have been "over the hill." But unlike Martin Luther King who knew he would not be with The People to see his Dream come true, I know I will be there with you to see Our Fiery Revolutionists' Dream come true! Praise God! And Glory! Hallelujah!

  I, Too, Have A Dream...

I, Too, Have a Dream...

Of An America, awakened from enervated and toxic slumber...

Of an America, reinvigorated and healed into active love...

Of an America, physically purified and God sanctified by the practice of Natural Hygiene in the homes, churches, schools, and businesses across The Land...

Of an America, vigilant and victorious, educated and inspired by A Health Seeker Citizenry sharing The Truth of How to GetWell and StayWell with those still sick and suffering...

I, Too, Have a Dream...

That God blesses Our Dear America such that The Spirit of 1776 dawns again across Our Sweet Land to liberate The People from The Disease Industrialists and The Medical Mentality!

And this Dream is infused and carried on by the courage and love of us strong and steadfast GetWell Friends

who usher in The Bright Day of Hygienic Reckoning!

I, Too, Have a Dream...

That we may be fully satisfied only when every man, woman, and child see and hold dear "The Full Hygienic Truth and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth" so help us God!

This Truth being that the condition of health, happiness, and joy is our natural, normal state of being for all to claim...

That when we choose to daily live in simple accord with The Laws of His Holy Temple and when we love one another and when we take full responsibility for our Energy Enhancers, we thrive...

And that so living affords us the highest opportunity to be the very best that we can be thus teaching others how to be the very best that they can be! Amen.

GetWell Friends, "I Thank You!" for sharing in Our Fiery Revolutionists' Dream. Please, share the simple truths in The Health Reports with your loved ones. I have been blessed as I have provided 15 years of experience helping Health Seekers. I have been preparing materials just for Health Seekers. Let me know how I may help you in efforts to serve others as a Health Revolutionist!


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