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As you ponder, enjoy, and learn from these inspirational tidbits straight from the subconscious of Dr. Tilden's soul please consider them as my GetWell Gift to you. Contributions keep me going! GetWellHStayWell, America! puts to good use any monetary show of appreciation.

Dr. J.H. Tilden's

health Epigrams

Part I of The Book · 1939 · Denver · Colorado


"Epigrams are the result of a subconscious earnestness generated by the importance of the subject in mind. I think no one makes epigrams consciously. They come from stimulation of the subject being discussed; therefore, if some of these epigrams do not please you, just understand that I may have been somewhat inebriated with the anxiety of putting my messages across. These epigrams were selected from my writings of the last twenty-five years." J.H. Tilden

Victoria's Notes:

#1... Dr. Tilden was an early 20th century Hygienist, best remembered for his Hygiene Landmark Toxemia Explained. He wrote many books, all now rare and most out-of-print. Today, I reproduce for you 1 of his works: a 50-page booklet entitled "Dr. Tilden's Health Epigrams." I have taken the opportunity to edit this little book of Dr. Tilden's for mechanical flair capitalization, punctuation, bold-facing, and the like to better emphasize his teachings. I have not altered the actual arrangement of his words or the content of these teachings.

#2... The definition of an "epigram" is as follows: "a witty, ingenious or pointed saying tersely expressed; a short, concise statement intended to have great impact; a well-worded and short expression, often with a satirical note or with a twist."

#3... Dr. Tilden was a Christian man. His Toxemia Explained and this booklet both strive to teach The Health Seeker to look to what lies in his soul for healing of the habits that have brought on any disease. And although the word "soul" is highly abstract and lofty, it needs a practical definition. The "soul" is defined as "the thoughts of the mind, the feelings of the heart, and the choices of the free will."

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