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Brightly beams

(From an Old Gospel Song Author Unknown)

Brightly beams. . . our Father's mercy,

from His Lighthouse. . . e - v - e - r - m - o - r - e.

But to us,

He gives the keeping, of the Lights, along the shore.

So let the lower, let the lower Lights, be burning.

Every Child of God should be able to . . . send a gleam,

by the Light that he lives, across the way.

If you do that, some poor faint and, and struggling seaman

Oh Lord you may rescue, Oh YES,

you may save . . . you may save.

Dark the night, Oh Jesus, of sin has settled,

Oh Lord, o're the angry billows' roar.

Eager eyes, are alone and watching, watching,

for the Lights, for the Lights, along the shore.

Let the lower Lights be burning.

Every Christian ought to live the life,

to let His Light shine, across the way,

so a sinner man can see his way out of darkness.

Some poor faint and struggling seaman,

OH . . . You may rescue.

You may save.

You may save.

If you live the Light,

You may be able to save him.

(Thank You, Dear GetWell Friends, for All You Do & May God Bless You All!

Inspiration for... "God, Health & Country!"Page 9