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ACHIEVING WELLNESS BY FASTING This is the last of T.C. Fry's videos to be made since he started this series.This video explains the scientific and subjective validity of fasting and its role in the practice of Natural Hygiene to The Health Seeker. Besides the lecture on the benefits of "Achieving Wellness by Fasting," many guests at T.C.'s former fasting retreat are interviewed during and after their fasts; and they report the glowing benefits they have received! And although the books on fasting are, indeed, excellent, this visual media message is powerful when the people being interviewed are so enthusiastic!

THE GREAT CALCIUM HUSTLE Join three of Natural Hygiene's most prominent voices as they dissolve the many myths surrounding the idea that we need inordinate amounts of calcium from SAD food products (especially dairy foods) and supplements. The Ideal Diet is sufficient! Of all the propaganda advocating huge doses of milk and calcium supplements, this tape really sets the record straight! T.C. Fry, Dr. Virginia Vetrano, and Dr. Ralph C. Cinque present the truth about The Great Calcium Hustle.

DISEASES What are diseases? How are they caused? AND. . . HOW ARE THEY OVERCOME? These and other all important questions about DISEASES are answered as well as viewpoints of conventional physicians in contrast to Natural Hygiene. Provides foundational understanding for Health Seekers. Join Dr. Cinque and Dr. Roseann Kutschke, Ph.D., as they present before an audience the science of nutrition. Here you get both sides of the picture as taught by a SAD conventional nutritionist (a professor of nutrition from the University of Texas) and as taught by Life Science/Natural Hygiene. After this, turn to The Health Seekers' YearBook A Revolutionist's HandBook for Getting Well and Staying Well! the perfect companion to this video.

Key to dynamic health Join your host T.C. Fry and Peter Bard and a list of others as they cover such important topics as: "The 19 Elements of Health" and Food Combining Principles. They also answer the most commonly asked questions about Natural Hygiene. A THOROUGH, basic Introduction to Pure Natural Hygiene!

The Protein Hang-Up A myth-shattering blockbuster for those who think we must eat animal products to secure our protein needs. Hear testimony from experts on the subject, as well as testimony and questions from Hygienists. This tape should "cure" your friends of eating cooked proteins and processed proteins. This video contains eye-opening information to those set on eating animal products to secure their protein needs. After this, read Diet For A New America!


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