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TimeLine of T.C. from 1970 to 1996

students enrolled as of today, end of 2000. Controversy about The Life Science Health System always has prevailed. This is because all Hygienic practitioners and many paraprofessionals, myself included, vehemently maintain that no such home-study course could ever adequately prepare a student to become "an Hygienic practitioner" in the professional sense, that it could not take the place of the rigors of Chiropractic, Naturopathic, or Medical degrees followed by the 6 month internships under a member of The International Association of Natural Hygiene Practitioners. My stance on "The Big Course," having corrected the tests for 2 years, is this: "It is not only thee only cumulative and comprehensive course on Natural Hygiene it is excellent to become self-educated or to prepare the student to become a teacher of Natural Hygiene!"

1994 to 1999 (or so???)... Bob Szucs and associates take over "The Big Course" under the name of "Feeling Fit for Life" and continue to make the course available under that name. Mr. Szucs had many and big plans to bring the basic teachings of Natural Hygiene to Health Seekers across The Nation and around the world. They, however, collect a lot of money for franchises and start offering all kinds of decidedly non-Hygienic goods and services (including liposuction, I was told!) before they fold and pass "The Big Course" to some Canada People (with whom to date I have had only 1 phone call with the secretary) who reported that they are... "thriving."

A Summary & 1995 on... After 4 bankruptcies and/or government closures for refusal to pay taxes ... after 4 magazines and many newsletter births and deaths... after 4 Hygienic retreat openings and closures, 1 in Yorktown, 2 near Austin, and 1 in Missouri... after seemingly countless misadventures with potatoes, pecans, persimmons, organic food networks, paradise communities, colleges, (You name it!)... after 3 marriages and 1 remarriage and divorce... after 7 children ... after numerous romantic liaisons and 1 long, drawn-out, fatal affair... after literally millions of dollars lost to thousands of investors... and after many millions more Health Seekers around the world profiting from their practice of T.C. Fry's efforts and the teachings, writings, and materials produced and promoted by his students, including Fit for Life and The Health Seekers' YearBook... and after the successful completion of "The Big Course" and all the countless case histories of good at the grassroots level that his Big Course inspired in students who would pass their knowledge on to friends who would then pass it on to other friends... "T.C. Fry, The Great," runs out of Nerve Energy, contacts, resources, and wherewithal to maintain an office, a staff, and a headquarters . He accepts the good graces of John Maye, his "benefactor," his "philanthropist," his "humanitarian for Hygiene," his "bill payer." He moves from Austin, Texas, to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, and puts out a few issues of a newsletter, The Wellness Messenger, to a few thousand.

During this time in Pennsylvania, John Maye and T.C. build on paper, with a 36 page promotion, the Shelton College, complete with the "Shelton College of Health Sciences Catalog and Curriculum." They advertise that the Shelton College is being prepared "somewhere" in a tropical, perpetually spring paradise," reportedly, "somewhere in the Caribbean." They further state: "We regret, but it would be unwise at this point to name the country or the location." Then, they state the costs for the course of study, degrees conferred, allude to room and board costs, and start collecting funds from students and investors. (You can piece together "the rest of the story" from 1994 to 1996 from the foregoing Anna-Inez Matus' account and Dr. Vetrano's statement and from my following "recollections.")

The Shelton College existed on paper only and not in the world of molecules. In the 36 page promotion T.C. put out in 1995, he had a short article in which he continued to make synonymous the term "Natural Hygiene" and "Life Science." You may be interested in seeing this brief 1823 to 1995 write-up as follows:


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