The Master Health Series

12 Cassettes from T.C. Fry ·$8.oo each


Cassette SIX: The Magic of the Raw Food Diet. The enormous advantages of putting Live-Foods, instead of dead foods, into your body are clearly presented. The case histories given by attending Health Seekers gives us Health Seekers a great boost to eat raw! The most intriguing discussion is an outlining of the curses of The SAD Diet, while the blessings of The Ideal Diet are detailed.

Cassette SEVEN: How to Lose Weight Rapidly, Safely, Naturally, and Permanently. This tape presents an easy way to lose weight that does not use dieting and calorie counting. Gaining weight is not just a matter of overeating or a lack of exercise. There are definite principles that dispose to both weight gain and weight loss. Eating The SAD Diet is primary among these factors. A methodology that works is detailed!

Cassette EIGHT: The Easy Way to Conquer Heart Problems. Over 90% of Americans have death-dealing plague in their arteris. Yet, most don't know about it and won't admit that they have any in their arteries even though they are on the berge of death. This tape tells you how to build a program that, in time, and with careful discipline, can reverse the condition.

Cassette NINE: Overcoming Disgestive Problems. About 50% of the meals eaten in American end up in mild to severe indigestion. This cassette clearly shows the causes of indigesiton and reveals how it can be over ome within a single day of right eating! Those cases involving problems can usually be overcome in a week to a month!

Cassette TEN: The Allergy Panacea. How to end sniffles, swelling, watery eyes, rashes and the stopped-up-nose syndrome. The allergic confition is one of abnormal sensitization against environmental elements and influences that occasional extraordinalry reaction in most people. This cassette is a frank discussion of causes of allergic reaction; and it provides assurance that with the discontinuance of the disease themselves, the human body will set itself right!

Cassette ELEVEN: Cancer. The $50 billion yearly racket that kills nearly 500,000 people annually is exposed. Case histories of those who had overcome medically diagnosed cancer by practicing Natural Hygiene are highly thought-provoking. Tumorous conditions called "cancer" are oftentimes not as deadly as believed and can be reversed in many cases. The fact that almost 50% of those diagnosed cancerous and stampeded into medical modalities attests not so much as to the lethal nature of cancer as to the deadliness of medical treatment. Under more natural procedures, where causes are discontinued and healthful conditions instituted, many cancer sufferers can Get Well.

Cassette TWELVE: Diabetes How to Beat it..





Master the elements of good health-while you relax and listen, while you drive and listen, while you work and listen. GetWell offers 12 entitled "The Master Health Series." Each 90-minute cassette presents an all-important aspect of health in an easy learning situation with an interacting group of lay participants. Your hosts include T.C. Fry and David Magee with a classroom audience. Join Mr. Fry as he introduces you to The Hygienic Way of Life.

Cassette ONE: The Health Formula. Introducing a 100% effective, natural health system. The shams that pass as health care are exposed to the light of Hygienic Truth. That health is natural and normal is made evident. That "We are the architects of our own suffering!" is made equally plain. In short, we're in control of most areas of our life that count! We can employ the readily proven and tested Health Formula for building superior health. Testimonies on this tape prove BOTH inspiring and motivating!

Cassette TWO: The Fountain of Youth Formula. How you can rejuvenate yourself and lengthen your life. You can look up to 20 years younger within a relatively short time after diligently practicing Natu

ral Hygiene! The elements that build a long, happy, and richly rewarding life are reviewed before a participating audience of Health Seekers.

Cassette THREE: Super Foods that Can Help You Become Sickness-Free! This tape presents the best diet and how to determine for yourself, with your own senses, what your natural diet really is. This mind-expanding tape removes all controversy and doubt about the dietetic character of humans!

Cassette FOUR: Overcoming Ailments and Staying Free of Them. This presents the one universal remedy that works miracles for everyone. You'll witness on this tape an amazed audience! You mean that the body overcomes disease all by itself? How can that be? What is even more amazing is that disease is a body-conducted process of detoxification and healing! And that there is necessity for the disease process only because we poison ourselves continually in our eating, drinking, and general living practices is even more amazing news! This tape excites us to want to stop the systematic and deadly poisoning! We learn how to live "The Good Life!"

Cassette FIVE: How to Purify Your Body and Become Sickness Free! Methods thatalways work! An exciting continuation and amplification of Cassette Four, the fifth cassette delves into the avenues of body purification. An impure body requires sickness as an intensive method of detoxification. Sickness, that is, is simply not necessary as an emergency method of purification if and when the body is not being polluted in the first place!



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