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#3 Research Yields Bombshell of a surprise Paradise Diet Uncovered by Scientists!

The Paradise Diet Shelton

Banana, King of Healthful Fruits!

Fruit The Ideal Food

Fruit: Best Food of All Esser

Are Fruits Considered "Cleansing Foods"?

Paradise Is Possible!

If Everyone Ate the Raw Food Diet

Fruit Eating Shelton

What is a... "Mango"?

Some Charges Made against Fruit Eaters

Should We Eat the Seeds?

"MMMMMMM" Sweetness!


The Marvelous Banana

The Truth Comes Out about Vitamins

Are Mono-Meals Ideal?

Proteins in The Fruitarian Diet

Starches Are Second-Rate Foods

Requirements Our Natural Foods Must Meet

Are Humans Starch Eaters? Shelton

What Causes Flatulence?

What's Wrong with Meat?

The Vitamin B-12 Scare Again

#4 the elixir of life

The Fountain of Youth

Growing Old and How! Shelton

How to Look 20 Years Younger in 30 Days

You Can Enjoy Superlative Health & Youth

Live Longer & Enjoy More Life

Gardening & Longevity

30 Minutes to Salvation

Scientific Breakthroughs in Longevity

Reader Experiences

Is Gerovital "The Elixir of Life"?


Raw Food: The Elixir of Life

Research Proves the Value of Exercise

"Longevity" Equals "Physical Activity"

Fasting & Length of Life Shelton

Less Wear & Tear for a Longer Life

Rejuvenation Sidhwa

Book Guide

Book Review The Art of Living Long

Rules for Living Longer

#5 throw away the antacids!

Combining Foods Compatibly

for Easy Digestion & Great Health

This reporter has 28 articles on Food Combining from "Top Names in Hygiene." It is a complete handbook on the subject!

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#1 How to Increase Your Brainpower, Mental Alertness & Body Powers

Hygiene VS. U.S.D.A. Requirements

The Myth of Contagion Shelton

The Idea of Contagion

Will You Help Me? Testimony

Mondays Are Dangerous to Health!

The Reporter's Advisor & Health Related Questions & Answers

So-Called "Super Nutrition" Is Really SAD Overfeeding

Mastectomies as "Cancer Prevention"

Exercise for the Mental Worker

Mental Health: An Hygienic Perspective

Diseases of the Brain & Nerves

4 Reasons Why Meat is Harmful to Us

Life Science Philosophy & Practices

Testimonies that Vitamin & Mineral

Supplements Are Really Drugs

#2 announcing The Greatest Health Discovery!

New Miracle Cures for Everything!

The Curing Stupidity Shelton

Cures! Cures! Cures! Shelton

The Universal Panacea: Fasting

Fasting as the Quickest Way to Overcome Diseases Shelton

Getting Well of Asthma Shelton

Scientific Care of the Sick Trall

Does Nature Really Work Like This?

Helping Asthmatics Cinque

Overcome "Infectious" Hepatitis


Is Everyone Healthy? Ferguson

Overcoming Toxemia Weger

The Ballerina Syndrome

A New Wrinkle in the Medical Racket

The True Panacea Allen

Is Distilled Water the Best?

"Health Is Produced Only

by Healthful Living!" Shelton

Making Nature Illegal

The Great Awakener Shelton

Hypoglycemia Is Really Toxemia

All Healing Is Self-Healing

The Great Power within You

Should We Rely upon Authority?

Enervation & Toxemia Tilden

What is "The Universal Panacea"?

Medical Practice Is Malpractice

Before & After Employment of Panacea

Can Diseases Be Cured?


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