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Dear GetWell Friends

I have one other thing to add to my "BIG PUSH for Energy Enhancer #8 Regular Exercise & Especially for S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G-!" This is something I have known for years. It's practically a crime that I never took time to write it up and give it to you.

I suppose you all know enough about the alternative health cares systems known as "manipulations & adjustments" to know that they are based on the idea that bones especially the 33 vertebrae bones of the back, chest , and neck get out of alignment and that such "misalignment" impinges on the nerves that then do not give their correct messages to all The 10 Systems of the body. Such impingements may result in too much nerve message or too little or irregular. Muscles go into constant contraction and/or spasm and actually pull bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons out of place. The results are deformities and discomfort and pain and a variety of other mental-emotional stress symptoms. These symptoms can show up in virtually all The 10 Systems of the body and definitely do have emotional, mental, and even spiritual counterparts!

Now, all of that may not be new information to you. The thing I bet will be new information for you to ponder I first heard when I attended Western States Chiropractic College for the year I wanted to study human anatomy and physiology. This was in 1978-1979. Dr. Hans Seyle's teachings on "The Fight-or-Flight Response" were well accepted by the general public by then. And it was common knowledge that most diseases of the physical body had a psychosomatic (emotion-based) cause. But what I further learned at WSCC was that... An estimated 95% of all persons seeking Chiropractic care for misalignments and impingements had their complaints as a result of chronically activated emotional-and-mental stress in the neuromusculoskeletal systems! (The other 5% had received a trauma through accident.)

It does not take an athlete of mental gymnastics to figure out that if this estimate is true, then if The Health Seeker could minimize the emotional-and-mental stress in daily life affairs if he could learn to systematically relax the muscles throughout his body and keep them relaxed enough he could completely avoid the problems for which he had been seeking care! Amazing! An entire alternative health care system based on "manipulations & adjustments" because The Health Seeker is too


tense and cannot reduce or reverse situations that create chronic tension! This is, no doubt, why Pure Natural Hygiene teachings have been against therapies of this kind: they do not get at the root of the cause, and they treat only symptoms. But then, Natural Hygiene educators have been sadly lacking in teaching practical applications for successful stress-minimizing to Health Seekers! So the overall shortcoming of Natural Hygiene to help Health Seekers in Energy Enhancers #9 Emotional Balance and #10 Nurturing Relationships remains. And so do stress-related diseases and stress syndromes. And that is why I have over and over again given you "The Physiology of Fear" (based on Selye's "Fight-or-Flight"). And over and over again urged you to understand its tremendous importance for finding Superlative Health!

And so, Dear GetWell Friends, Health Seekers, and Health Revolutionists... please think about this. If you are still not where you want to be in achieving your health goals, there are 2 huge issues to which you can give consideration. Once you are achieving Cleanliness, drinking the Pure Water, breathing the Pure Air, eating mostly The Raw Food Diet, securing enough Rest & Sleep, taking some Sunbaths, avoiding extremes in Temperature as fits your needs, and you find yourself still discontent, tense, and with a stress syndrome of your own making in the works CONSIDER THIS BIG PUSH from me today for Energy Enhancer #8 Regular Exercise and especially STRETCHING. And, secondly, of course, consider soul-searching and prayer for your peace of mind and for spiritual healing.

Since my year of recovery in Canada and from now on, you will hear me talk more and more about Energy Enhancers #8, #9, and #10. Originally, in this mailing, I was just going to provide you with the one page of lightning (or fireworks) paper on EXERCISE. But it is costly just for postage, so I have added much more information for you in this Spring of 2000 package. I pray it helps you and that you will be inspired to use it and to share it within your circle of love.

BE SYSTEMATIC IN YOUR STRETCHING WITH A BOOK FULL OF POSTURES AND INSTRUCTIONS The materials from Stretching, Inc. (which you can order from GetWell at a considerable savings over their catalog prices), provide the positions, the procedures, the cautions all you need to start STRETCHING.

AND FINALLY You will find in today's "THIS IS IT!", 3 pages taken right from The YearBook on The Lymphatic System. Please review them. Your very best form of exercise for the Lymphathic System is bouncing on a mini-trampoline. Some of you will want the stabilizing bar. I suggest The Golden 7 Plus One book for your fullest education of the importance of the Lymphatic System. Lymphatic exercise Is readily available in your home, any time, once you have a mini-trampoline. AND IT IS FUN!


"What Inspiration Does Victoria Have to Offer to Get Me Exercising" Page 9