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spring package intensified from June to August while I filled the 400 orders from The Big Mailing. The weight on my body was destroying the integrity of my musculoskeletal frame. And regardless of all your orders and loving support from The Big Mailing the previous May and June and July, I could not control the desire to gorge on SAD food. My situation at The Barn except for communication with you and spending time with HighJoy had become oppressive. I could not lose even one pound! My FAITH that I would one day live the Hygiene and that I was supposed to lead The Great American Health Revolution continued in the face of my near bedridden condition. All I had going for me was one last HOPE at getting myself turned around during a one month "Exercise Vacation" one entire month in Canada, with all the bills paid, with no distractions, and with the 2 activities from my childhood that had kept me sane in an insane family: an exciting horse to ride and welcoming summer waters to swim.

It is my prayer that none of you will ever go so far "over the hill" as have I. For "over that proverbial hill," travelled farther and farther into darkness and with especially neither freedom from addiction nor Hygiene to light your way back, await not only the premature aging of body, an ever-dulling of mind, and a numbing and bottling up of emotion, but hellish pain and suffering, shattered dreams, loss of love for all that is life-giving, and a forgetting of all that was ever good in the entire lifetime. I fully understand how a person without FAITH enough to hold onto can come to the brink of suicide, when the life choices have taken the potential suicide victim over the hill and into the valleys. When virtually all HOPE is gone that life is ever going to get anything but worse and when the physical body starts to shut down too, death becomes an attractive and inevitable option and way out. Here is the ultimate in going "over the hill." While most take the long, tortuous, windy way of "Slow Suicide via Prolonged Tissue Degeneration," a few others take the "Rapid Road of Suicide." Either way, believe me, "You Do Not Want to Go Over the Hill that Leads to Death's Doorstep!"

The 1st visit into The Wilderness, I did not even open my Giant Print, King James Bible. It sat still but still in plain view... the whole time. The 1st day of exercise, I began at 2 70 pounds in 110 degree weather. I moved about in the marvellous, warm water for 2 hours and then retired to "Old Blue," where I passed out in front of a fan for 14 hours of deep sleep, not even rolling over, I was so spent. By the end of that 1st month, however, I had shed 20 pounds and actually got up to a 12 hour day of slow-motion, continuous movement, interspersed with short breaks every 2 hours! What rejoicing! I had not gone too far "over the hill"! There was Nerve Energy enough and cellular integrity


enough and FAITH and HOPE enough left for revival! Thus began my renewed LOVE for The Lord and morning devotions of PRAISE and WORSHIP. An outpouring of God's Holy Spirit baptized me with FIRE in this Canadian Wilderness! And The Great American Health Revolution in the names of "God, Health & Country" remained foremost in my vision... the whole time. And although I rode HighJoy only 3 times in that August heat, I spent time in his company, being inspired by one of the most glorious, gorgeous, playful, and lively of God's animal creations I have ever known! We often enjoyed watermelon together he loved the meat and the juice, but mostly he got the rind. I thus declared one month of "Victoria's Exercise Vacation" to have been "a splashing success."

Although I had not yet opened my Bible that 1st visit, I began reciting Psalm 23 and remembering all The Scripture that spoke of God having A Calling, A Plan, and a Purpose for each of our lives. (See Scripture Page #1.) The inspiration that led me to create GetWellHStayWell, America! in 1986 and that had now brought me up to Canada in 1998 were one in the same: The Calling to take The Victory Wagon to The People as a Health Educator, and especially, if invited, to speak as a Christian Health Educator. A mean-spirited voice (the voice of discouragement) had been speaking to my soul throughout the years when the going would get tough... the whole time, telling me I would never get out in The Wagon, that I had clearly become nothing but a fat and tired, over-the-hill writer of Hygiene who would never be able to live The Program and a morbidly obese and miserable shipping clerk at The Barn. In the face of this dark-spirited voice, I admit to having become discouraged repeatedly in the past. I yo-yoed from 260 to 200 five times between 1991 and 1998, while financial tension and my own addiction kept me anxious. Wrong choices and food addiction, listening to the voice of discouragement, spiritual weakness. The whole while, Americans suffering and dying needlessly without The Message of Natural Hygiene. Dearest Friends of Mine, Can you forgive me? Still, I had never given up the FAITH that I had been called and had been given a vision to lead The Great American Health Revolution that would ripple out to all Nations. And finally, last August, I was given the opportunity to make the turn around, to go in that direction and not look back and not listen to dark voices I was given one blessed month in Canada.

During that 1st visit, I reviewed "The 10 Energy Enhancers" and sought to view them as I had presented them in The Garden of Eden books years ago, as God's GetWellHStayWell Plan. Jan Franklin, my Christian Counselor, had been telling me that my primary responsibility was obedience to God: surely, that was the 1st of The 10 Commandments of Health. (See Scripture Page


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