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Turn Over... a New Leaf... This Fall!

From a Fall, 2000, Letter to GetWell Friends...



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It may not be the moist, succulent, spring-green leaf of a young Maple Tree. It may be the dry, crispy, neon-orange Maple Leaf, instead. Still, The Fall Season is upon us. The Holiday Season is just around the bend. And if you have fallen off The Wagon now... "It's Time." Time to turn over that Autumn Leaf, to get back on The Wagon, and to ride it on in to 2001.

I wish I had kept a tally over the years and taken notes along the way, of how many times a GetWell Friend has written but more often called to seek help getting back on The Wagon, "to turn over a New Leaf," so to speak. Many Health Seekers find it easy and effortless, joyful and pleasant, living "The GetWellHStayWell 10 Energy Enhancers" also known as "The Life Science 22 Essentials of Health" or as Dr. Shelton's "Basic Requisites of Health." (And for them, I rejoice! "Oh, Happy Day!") But I do have to say that the majority of Health Seekers calling themselves "Hygienists" do not find it so. For most, it is, at times, plenty difficult. And for some, it is sometimes pure agony. But for all, my years of experience tell me, it is worth their effort, worth their struggle, and worth their momentary misery. For these challenging moments, we all find, do pass. And on the flipside of the stormy days and nights are greener pastures, bluer skies, and a sense of relief intermingled with great gratitude that we are back on The Wagon again!

Dear GetWell Friends, getting back on The Wagon, turning over that New Leaf, does not happen without recommitment. Intellectually, we know that Natural Hygiene is "The Best Health Care System of all Health Care Systems." Just intellectualizing, however, will not set us back on The Wagon, will not turn over The New Leaf for us. The recommitment is a matter of the heart, of the emotions, of the soul. It is an issue of choice. It is an exercise of our Free Will. A prayerful moment spent alone, a walk in the glory of nature, a journal entry recorded in private, a visit with an understanding friend who will listen, an hour spent with The Health Seekers' YearBook or Common Health Sense, a phone call with me, or... the use of this letter and accompanying card. God



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