This page and the next are taken from "The BookList's "God's GetWell Good News Letter.

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This page and the former are taken from God's GetWellHGood News Letter.

God gave man his purpose in life, which included that he take dominion over all He had created and to faithfully provide good stewardship over all. This fulfills The 10th Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #9, as already explained. And since we can only assume that such a vocation would include plenty of movement (exercise) in those days, without modern, technological conveniences, this mandate also fulfills The 9th Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #8.

God gave man The Garden of Eden and all He created to care for. And since man had not yet fallen, we can only assume that he lived at peace with himself and with God in that Garden. That is, we can assume that man had not picked up the curious habit of workaholism and that he paced himself between periods of rest, relaxation, and sleep... and then with periods of work. Additionally, on the 7th day, God instructed man to rest from his labors, just to make sure that he periodically took time to catch up on his rest, relaxation, and sleep while he received the gift of a special day of communion with Him. This takes care of The 6th Commandment of Health and Energy Enhancer #4.

And finally, let us address The 2nd and 7th Commandments of Health and Energy Enhancer #1. Actually, The 2nd Commandments and the 7th are similar upon first investigation. Still, I have kept them separate. Both Commandments are based in "The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life." They are based on "God's Basic Tenets of Natural Hygiene," on "Toxemia as The One Cause of All Disease," on "The Sources of Toxemia," on "The Descent into Disease," on "The Seven Stages of Disease." These are all topics to be thoroughly covered in THE YEARBOOK. Suffice it to say here: When we poison ourselves in thought, word, substance, or deed, we have commited an unholy crime against our body, which is His Temple. Just exactly how this comes about will be explained in the aforementioned articles and will be the ongoing subject of future issues of God's GetWell Good NewsLetter. Actually, The 7th Commandment of Health is a positive way of expressing The 2nd: We are to practice cleanliness in all manner of living, whenever possible by not defiling The Temple.

If the Holy Spirit is to dwell within us, in our body, to bless us with his presence, his guidance, his nudgings, his comforts, then the very least we can do is to keep His Temple clean, to not defile it. It sounds like a simple thing to do. But it is, perhaps, the very most difficult of The 10 Commandments of Health to observe. For the temptations set before us by The Disease Industrialists of the 2000s defy the imagination! They are insidiously omnipresent. They are hopelessly omnipotent to those who do not follow The 1st Commandment of Health. And they are the very temptations which, if indulged in will defile the blood, fluids, and tissues of God's Holy Temple and that will tumble us down the dark and fearful staircase that descends into disease. Of course, this Scriptural dictum to not defile the body, which is The 2nd and 7th Commandments of Health is also Energy Enhancer #1!

In conclusion, let us consider, for a moment, that American Christian off-the-street of the 2000s. It is such an irony that the Christian who loves The Lord so very much and keeps a sweet and clean and pure heart in thought and deed could have such a disease-ridden Temple due to his eating and drinking, exercising and resting and sunning habits!!! It is for this child of God that I am directed to print the message of "God's GetWell Plan of Natural Hygiene," in order to introduce him to The 10 Commandments of Health so that he may simply learn "The Toxemic Connection" between his sickness and his living habits. It is my prayer that those of you who already know about Natural Hygiene will share God's GetWell Plan with your brothers and sisters who do not. As Christian Health Soldiers of The First Order, we can help others in the renewing of their minds with the truth:

And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2


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